2023 in Review: Partnerships

In 2023, DIA’s expanding product stack has significantly boosted its adoption within the DeFi ecosystem. As a pivotal data and oracle provider, DIA now powers key DeFi applications such as Origin, Silo, Dopex, and unshETH. These integrations span various Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, leveraging DIA’s hallmark of fully transparent and customizable data feeds, underscoring its crucial role in enhancing and securing DeFi operations.

2023 in Review: Partnerships


Mean Finance

Mean Finance is a state-of-the-art DCA open protocol that allows users to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) any ERC20 token. Through its partnership with DIA, Mean Finance has integrated a custom oracle on the Arbitrum Network, specifically tailored to enhance the functionality of Mean Finance’s DCA protocol. This collaboration emphasizes real-time price feeds for the Gravita Debt Token (GRAI), a crucial element for the diverse array of assets supported by Mean Finance.

  • Product: Token price feeds
  • Chain: Arbitrum Network
  • Use Case: DCA Protocol

Souq Finance

Souq Finance, known for creating On-Chain ETFs from high-quality, revenue-generating protocol tokens, has integrated a DIA price oracle on the Arbitrum network. This oracle provides real-time price information for GRAIL, USDC.e, and GNS tokens, crucial for Souq’s AMM’s bonding curve in pricing ETF shares. This integration exemplifies transparency and customization in price feeds, significantly enhancing Souq’s On-Chain ETF product offering.


Dopex is a Decentralized Options Exchange that uses blockchain technology to provide permissionless and non-custodial access to options trading. Through the integration with DIA, Dopex has integrated a custom DIA price oracle, delivering price data for the Dopex Rebate Token – rDPX. The oracle, deployed on Arbitrum Mainnet, is allowing users on the Dopex platform to write or buy call options on the $rDPX asset.

DFX Finance

DFX Finance stands at the forefront of decentralized finance, offering a unique decentralized foreign exchange (FX) protocol.DFX Finance has integrated DIA’s state-of-the-art price oracle for the launch of a NGN/USD pool on the Polygon and Ethereum networks.

  • Product: Token price feeds
  • Chain: Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet
  • Use case: FX exchange

Prime Protocol

Prime Protocol is an innovative cross-chain prime brokerage that enables users to borrow across multiple blockchain networks, backed by an extensive portfolio of cross-chain assets. We were delighted to announce that Prime Protocol has officially integrated DIA’s cross-chain, customizable price oracle into its lending and borrowing protocol.

Meridian Finance

Meridian Finance is a next-gen, non-custodial decentralized finance (DeFi) platform offering an array of financial services. Through our partnership, Meridian successfully integrated a custom ETH/USD DIA price oracle to launch the USDM algo-stablecoin on the Base network.

NEOKingdom DAO

NEOKingdom DAO’s vision is to reimagine employment by facilitating both web3 and real-world businesses to become DAOs. We have co-developed a bespoke price oracle deployed on the Evmos network. The oracle provides real-time price feeds for the EUR/USD and USDC/USD asset pairs. This oracle enables the automatic conversion required for NEOKingdom DAO contributors to convert their NEOK tokens to Euros.

LINK Africa

LINK Africa is a cutting-edge Web3 company that revolutionises cross-border payments for the next billion Africans. We joined forces with LINK in their mission, to launch the first market price oracle for the Naira, Nigeria’s local currency.


zkFinance is a one-stop DeFi solution that leverages zkSync technology to offer cheaper, faster, and more secure transactions. It provides an immutable money market on-chain through zero-knowledge proofs, which enhances security and privacy. zkFinance officially integrated DIA oracles into its platform on zkSync.


Qoda is a decentralized loan exchange with several key features such as an on-chain order book for lending/borrowing, isolated collateral-tier vs market-tier assets, repayment redemption ratio and many more. Qoda has officially integrated DIA’s oracle feeds into its platform. This integration gives Qoda access to a diverse array of on-chain price data, enabling users to deposit collateral, lend, and borrow assets typically unavailable on other fixed-income dApps.

DAM Finance

DAM is a global, decentralised liquidity infrastructure powering value mobility across sovereign blockchain networks. DAM is a multi-network platform facilitating the scalable flow of liquidity to where it’s needed most. In collaboration with DAM Finance, we have created the first price oracle for the stablecoin d2o.


Lokr is the first all-in-one, multi-chain token locking and escrow platform with built-in privacy functionality. Its products — Vault, Swapr, Bridgr and Mintr — help build trust within the DeFi space. Lokr has officially integrated DIA’s oracle feeds into its Vault v2 platform. This integration enhances Lokr’s event-based distribution, revolutionizing how digital assets are managed and distributed.

  • Product: Token price feeds
  • Chain: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon
  • Use Case: Asset Management

Clout Finance

Clout Finance is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero-price impact trades. Clout Finance is currently deployed on the Telos network. Clout Finance officially integrated DIA’s transparent and customizable oracle solution to power its perpetual decentralized exchange.

Silo Finance

Silo Finance is a non-custodial lending protocol that facilitates borrowing any crypto asset with another. Silo Finance integrated DIA’s price oracles to enable multiple lending markets on the Arbitrum blockchain. By integrating DIA’s price oracles, Silo Finance will benefit from customizable and transparent price data, ensuring efficient and secure lending markets.

Factor DAO

Factor is a cutting-edge, on-chain asset management system designed to transform the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform’s adaptable vaults provide creators, strategists, and market players with opportunities to introduce novel markets and financial instruments. DIA deployed a dedicated oracle for Factor, containing high-confidence price feeds for 20+ cryptocurrencies. The oracle provides real-time price feeds for tokens such as GRAILAAVE or JOE, native to various networks including Ethereum, Arbitrum and Avalanche.


Interlay is building a one-stop shop for all things Bitcoin finance. BTC trading, lending, staking, and a way to deploy into other DeFi products. We partnered with Interlay to build transparent, collateral-proofed price oracles for iBTC and kBTC. The feeds will enable easy integration of the liquid-staked derivatives into any DeFi protocol in any blockchain, fostering the tokens’ utility and use cases.

Orbiter One

Orbiter One is a decentralized peer-2-peer lending and borrowing platform focused on cross-chain interoperability. Being deployed on the Polkadot parachains Moonriver and Moonbeam. provide the protocol with a price oracle for its decentralized lending solution on Moonriver and Moonbeam. The oracle will allow Orbiter One to list a variety of tokens as well as Liquid Staked Derivatives (LSDs) on its platform, based on high-quality, transparent asset price data.



unshETH is an innovative diversified liquid-staked ETH basket that earns staking ETH yield and swap fees, wrapped in an ERC-20 token. Through its partnership with DIA, DIA has deployed a custom price oracle for unshETH, providing real-time price information for the unshETH token. This integration is key to unshETH’s evolution as a DeFi primitive, enhancing validator decentralization across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol revolutionizes DeFi interactions with its unique products, Origin USD (OUSD) and Origin Ether (OETH). OUSD offers passive yield generation directly in wallets, while OETH leverages liquid staking yield. In collaboration with DIA, Origin Protocol launched a custom price oracle for OUSD and OETH, deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. This oracle plays a vital role in broadening the utility of these tokens in various DeFi applications, including lending and borrowing platforms.


Algem is a native liquid staking DeFi dApp on top of Astar Network offering new ways for ASTR users and holders to earn more. We entered a partnership with Algem to provide the Astar native liquid-staking solution with a price oracle for its nASTR token. The feed will enable easy integration of the liquid-staked asset into DeFi protocols of the Astar ecosystem, further boosting the token’s utility and use cases.

  • Product: LST price feeds
  • Chain: Astar Network
  • Use Case: Lending and Borrowing


Relative Finance

Relative Finance is building cross-sector dApps for derivatives and skill-based wagering across SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi. Their first product offering provides market participants with exposure to the ‘relative’ strength between two assets through the creation of Relative Strength Derivatives. Relative Finance successfully integrated a custom DIA xFloor oracle. The oracle provides Relative with fully customised real-time price feeds for a variety of NFT collections.

Kyoko Finance

Kyoko is a P2P NFT lending platform and cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and players. Kyoko offers a one-stop platform that provides liquidity to the Web3 and GameFi industries. We partnered with Kyoko Finance to power the NFTfi protocol with transparent and customizable NFT price oracles. The oracle will play a critical role in the Kyoko platform, valuing the NFT collections used as collateral, and enabling users to borrow against them.

  • Product: NFT price feeds
  • Chain: Ethereum Mainnet
  • Use Case: NFT Loan-to-Value
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