Customizable nft floor price
feed API & Oracle

Access transparent market data for over 18,000 NFT collections. Our unique approach utilizes real-time sales data from various NFT marketplaces to craft robust, customized price feeds tailored to your needs.


the problem with nft pricing

In the NFT ecosystem, there are two primary difficulties that continually complicate the valuation of NFT collections.

NFTs are highly illiquid assets
Compared to fungible tokens, NFTs tend to have lower daily trading volumes and frequency or even none at all.
NFTs are very often price manipulated
NFTs are very often subject to common market manipulation techniques such as wash trading or sweeping the floor.

introducing DIA NFT Floor Price Feeds

DIA xFloor provides reliable NFT price information on-chain, allowing builders to easily integrate NFTs into DeFi and enable capital efficiency and drive mass adoption of NFTs.
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Direct, transparent sourcing

xFloor determines NFT floor prices by leveraging large amounts of
on-chain trade data directly from multiple NFT marketplaces’ contracts.

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Resilience to manipulations

To supply dApps with more realistic and reliable floor prices, xFloor offers advanced methodologies for pricing such as moving average.

Extensive, transparent library oracle icon
Broad asset coverage

As DIA tracks data from multiple NFT marketplaces on various chains, xFloor currently offers support for 18.000+ NFT collections.

Thorough customizability oracle icon
Complete oracle customisation

User can define parameters such as the length of the floor window, average floor duration, data sources, oracle update triggers and more.




Pulling historical sales data from NFT marketplaces

DIA pulls historical sales data directly from the NFT marketplace’s smart contracts on respective networks.

By listening to the blockchain transactions, DIA xFloor ensures full data accuracy and transparency.


Applying advanced NFT pricing methodologies

To supply dApps with the most reliable NFT floor prices, DIA offers advanced methodologies for assets pricing.

These allows the price feeds to be resilient to common NFT price manipulation techniques.


Deploying custom API & oracles for every use case

DIA deploys a new feed per user, allowing end-to-end customisation to best match your unique needs.

Feeds can be deployed on-chain on 35+ chains or off-chain via RestAPI or GraphQL.


supporting 18,000+ NFT collections



use cases

Use enable capital efficiency
for non fungible tokens

Enable users to use NFT as collateral and borrow loans by integrating DIA’s transparent NFT floor price feed oracles.

Lending & borrowing icon svg green
Peer2Pool Lending
Enable trustless, decentralized NFT-backed loans with real-time collateral valuation through oracles, enhancing capital access.
Options & futures icon svg green
Loan-to-Value Ratio
Oracles provide accurate NFT valuations, ensuring fair and dynamic loan-to-value ratios for secure, equitable lending.
Asset management icon svg green
NFT Fractionalisation
Facilitate fractional NFT investments with oracle-powered, real-time pricing, democratizing access to high-value assets
And many more icon svg green
And many more
NFT renting, dynamic auctions, digital asset insurance, and revenue-sharing, enabled by precise oracle data.
What is DIA xFloor – NFT oracle?
DIA xFloor offers real-time price feeds for NFT collections, enabling easy integration of NFTs into the DeFi ecosystem. This tool promotes capital efficiency and encourages widespread adoption by providing crucial data for Web3 builders​​.
How does DIA ensure accurate NFT price data?
Instead of using NFT offer or bid data, it pulls historical sales data directly from NFT marketplace smart contracts, ensuring data accuracy and transparency. DIA supports almost 20,000 NFT collections, with continuous expansion to include new sources.
What unique features does DIA xFloor offer?
DIA xFloor utilizes multiple advanced pricing methodologies, like the Moving Average of Floor Price and Max Weekly Drawdown, to provide reliable NFT floor prices. Additionally, it offers custom filters and methodologies on demand​​. DIA xFloor provides full transparency on data sources, methdology and more.
In which blockchains are DIA NFT floor price oracles available?
DIA NFT oracle infrastructure is available across 40+ leading blockchain networks and can be integrated into new ones in demand.


Request a tailor-made NFT oracle or API with custom sources and methodologies
or test the standard, free NFT API endpoints.