Partnership with Takepile Protocol

DIA’s open source price oracles are now integrated with Takepile Protocol, a solvency guaranteed Perpetual DEX on the Fantom network.

Partnership with Takepile Protocol

Introducing Takepile Protocol

Takepile is a decentralized perpetual exchange offering real yield staking opportunities and guaranteed position solvency through its novel “pile” liquidity system. Perpetual DEXs are a fast emerging DeFi concept because they are designed to allow trading on market volatility without impacting investments or held assets. Takepile is distinguished by their real yield offerings, guaranteed position solvency, no-slippage trading, no false liquidations, zero funding rates and DIA-powered markets.

Takepile Integrates DIA Oracles

We are delighted to announce that DIA’s trusted oracle services have been integrated into Takepile Protocol to launch its perpetual exchange services. This new partnership will allow DIA’s end-to-end oracle services to provide reliable data feeds in order to power the DeFi protocol’s on-chain operations. As oracles are a crucial part of decentralized exchanges, DIA will play a critical role in the infrastructure of Takepile Protocol.

Oracles to Power Perpetual DEX operations

To offer perpetual DEX operations, Takepile requires access to accurate and trustworthy on-chain price feeds for its collateral asset pairs BTC / USD, ETH / USD, FTM / USD, AVAX / USD. DIA is providing customized price reference feeds built through the collection of granular data from multiple off-chain and on-chain sources. This aggregated data is then processed through various cleansing and price determination methodologies. The feeds are computed following a moving average price methodology known as MA.

Takepile DIA oracles integration diagram

A Transparent Data Delivery

These processing requirements were submitted to DIA through a DIA Custom Delivery Request (CDR) via the DIA Forum and is publicly available to everyone. The Takepile Protocol CDR provides users with a level of transparency about the construction of the price data feeding the protocol.

→ See CDR #016: Takepile Protocol

We are incredibly thrilled to be a consumer facing partner for DIA. DIA offers us best in class data feeds that allow for an infinite number of tradable assets as we scale our protocol, while maintaining confidence in price accuracy and removing the risk of false liquidations for our users.
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