introducing ethereum api and oracles

Unlock the potential of your Ethereum applications with DIA's robust API and Oracles, providing transparent and customizable market price feeds and more.
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Why choose Ethereum for Web3 development?

Ethereum offers a mature, robust smart contract platform with a vast developer community and ecosystem, making it ideal for building dApps applications with a high degree of security and interoperability.

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How do DIA API and Oracles benefit Ethereum?

DIA provides a broad range of data feeds that enhance functionality of Ethereum applications, crucial to build more complex applications like lending markets, RWAs, prediction markets or on-chain derivatives.

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Why integrate DIA's Oracles in Ethereum dApps?

DIA's custom API and oracles empower developers with fully customizable and transparent data feeds. Leverage the precision of direct source aggregation to securely power your Web3 application.



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Token Price Feeds
Market price feeds of tokens, sourced from multiple high-volume CEXs and DEXs. Customisable for every use case.
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NFT Price Feeds
Floor price information of 18,000+ NFT collections, directly sourced from NFT marketplaces on-chain trading data.
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Verifiable, unpredictable and unbiased random numbers enabling various GameFi and DeFi use-cases.
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Oracle Builder
Autonomously build and deploy custom price oracle on Polygon under 3 minutes with DIA's new tool.
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what ETHEREUM builders say

We are on a mission to deploy isolated lending markets for all crypto assets. The integration with DIA opens doors for new possibilities, starting with the JONES lending market. We’re excited about the collaboration and looking forward to many DIA-supported lending markets.
Headshot of Aiham Jaabari, Silo Growth Lead
Aiham Jaabari
Silo Growth Lead
DIA was able to provide us with fast-updating DFYN price oracle which will find its use-case in many applications like borrowing/lending and prediction markets. We look forward to working with Dia for building new products for the long-tail and mid-tail of the crypto market.
Headshot of Ramani Ramachandran Dfyn CEO
Ramani Ramachandran
CEO at Dfyn
We are excited to work with the DIA. This partnership will bring more lending and borrowing options for Tomb and its community. With the addition of transparent price feed oracles for $TOMB, lending protocols will allow for $TOMB to be used as collateral at a lower cost to the user.
Headshot of Harry Yeh, Chairman of Tomb Finance
Harry Yeh
Tomb Chairman


DIA's data journey on Ethereum. From left to right: data sourcing from DEX and CEXs, computation in Oracle Platform (DIA), Price feed creation , and delivery on Ethereum via oracles

How does DIA ensure data accuracy and reliability?
DIA ensures accuracy through a multi-layered approach, starting with granular data collection from 90+ exchanges, followed by sophisticated data cleaning and outlier detection. By applying advanced pricing methodologies, customizable for any specific use case, DIA provides high-quality, resilient price feeds crucial for DeFi and NFTfi applications.
Can DIA create price feeds for tokens on any blockchain and integrate them into Ethereum-based DeFi apps?
Yes, DIA specializes in building price oracles for assets native to over 40 different chains. By scraping trade data directly from native exchanges and providing inter-ecosystem price feeds, DIA enables the listing and utility enhancement of these tokens in Ethereum DeFi and NFTfi protocols, facilitating a truly cross-chain experience.
How adaptable are DIA's data feeds for different DeFi application needs?
DIA's data feeds are highly customizable, with tailor-made feed construction (in terms of sources, filters, computation) as wel as update triggers (like request-based, time-based, and deviation-based options). This adaptability ensures that Ethereum developers can configure data refresh mechanisms that best suit the specific needs of their DeFi applications, whether it's for high-frequency trading platforms or low-liquidity asset tracking.


Ready to scale your dApp with transparent, customizable oracles?