Partnership with Factor

We are thrilled to announce that Factor, the asset management protocol, has integrated DIA oracles to support the most comprehensive set of tokens in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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Partnership with Factor

Introducing Factor

Factor is a cutting-edge, on-chain asset management system designed to transform the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The platform’s adaptable vaults provide creators, strategists, and market players with opportunities to introduce novel markets and financial instruments, such as tokenized asset collections, yield-generating pools, and derivatives trading options.

Price Oracles for Arbitrum Vaults

On-chain vaults are smart contracts that manage digital assets like cryptocurrencies. These vaults can be designed to hold these assets in a secure way and execute transactions according to predefined rules without requiring human intervention.

Without price oracles, on-chain vaults would have no way to determine the value of the assets they hold accurately. This would make it impossible to enforce certain rules within the smart contract, such as selling assets when their price drops below a certain level, or using them as collateral for loans.

With the ambitious goal of supporting the most extensive collateral set for its asset management infrastructure, the Factor DAO was looking for an oracle provider that could supply the dApp with the desired price feeds.

Enabling the Largest Set of Tokens on Arbitrum

We are delighted to announce that DIA has deployed a dedicated oracle for Factor, containing high-confidence price feeds for 20+ cryptocurrencies. The oracle has been deployed on Arbitrum mainnet. The oracle provides real-time price feeds for tokens such as GRAILAAVE or JOE, native to various networks including Ethereum, Arbitrum and Avalanche.

Factor DAO integrates DIA oracles

DIA constructs the price feeds by sourcing trade data coming from its 80+ integrated CEXs and DEXs across multiple chains. Additionally, and as requested by Factor, the trade information is aggregated with a 120sec time window and processed with Moving Average Price with Interquartile Range (MAIR) methodology.

As a result, DIA is enabling Factor to support the most comprehensive set of tokens in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Transparent and Fully Customizable Delivery

DIA deployed a dedicated and tailor-made smart contract oracle to supply the most suitable price feeds for Factor. The oracle’s requirements were transferred to DIA by submitting a DIA Custom Delivery Request (CDR) via the DIA Forum which is publicly available to everyone.

→ See CDR #040: Factor DAO

“We are excited to partner with Factor and provide them with our high-confidence price feeds for 20+ cryptocurrencies, enabling them to support the largest collateral set for their asset management infrastructure on Arbitrum. This partnership showcases the importance of reliable price oracles in DeFi and highlights the value that DIA can bring to the Arbitrum ecosystem.”
Michael Weber DIA Co-Founder
Michael Weber
DIA Co-Founder
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