Partnership with Prime Protocol

Prime Protocol Enhances Cross-Chain Asset Lending via the Integration of DIA Price Oracles.

Partnership with Prime Protocol

Meet Prime Protocol: Pioneering Cross-Chain Financial Solutions

Prime Protocol is an innovative cross-chain prime brokerage that enables users to borrow across multiple blockchain networks, backed by an extensive portfolio of cross-chain assets. This bold step is part of Prime’s ongoing mission to dissolve the barriers in decentralized finance (DeFi) by building cross-chain applications (xApps) that unify multiple blockchain ecosystems.

DIA Oracles' Integration with Prime Protocol

We are delighted to announce that Prime Protocol has officially integrated DIA’s cross-chain, customizable price oracle into its lending and borrowing protocol. The oracle feeds are ingested via Prime’s master state contract on Moonbeam and used to deliver real-time price information for Prime’s cross-chain lending markets across Moonbeam, Avalanche. Polygon, Arbnitrum, BSC, Ethereum, and BASE.

We’re excited to expand the assets we support as collateral with this integration. We appreciate the cross-chain first approach DIA takes, which aligns closely with our vision of a cross-chain future at Prime Protocol
Colton Conley Prime Protocol Founder
Colton Conley
Founder/CEO of Prime Protocol

The price feeds are constructed leveraging assets’ trade data across various DEXs including Curve, Uniswap V3, Balancer V2 or Maverick and applying transparent outlier filtering and pricing methodologies to determine the final price points of each asset. This methodology fortifies the oracle against price manipulations, making DIA a critical asset to Prime Protocol’s new lending markets.

Diagram of Prime Protocol's integration with DIA oracles on the Moonbeam Network
Diagram of Prime Protocol's integration with DIA oracles

A Cross-Chain First Integration

DeFi has come a long way in a relatively short period, becoming a hotbed of innovation and capital flow across several blockchain ecosystems. However, liquidity and protocol-specific use cases remain significantly fragmented across these chains.

Prime Protocol has addressed this issue head-on by embedding cross-chain functionality directly into the protocol. Users can effortlessly deposit assets from any supported blockchain and gain instant access to liquidity from any other chain in the Prime network.

In light of these strategic goals, DIA emerged as the optimal oracle partner for Prime, specializing in cross-chain price feed delivery. DIA’s unique architecture collects live trade data from DEXs across over 30 different blockchains, processes it, and redistributes it on-chain, making the data accessible and reliable.

The adaptability of each DIA oracle—featuring customizable data sources, filters, methodologies, and update mechanisms—ensures robustness and resilience in varying market conditions, providing both global and specific cross-chain market prices.

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