Oracle services play a vital role in enhancing dApp functionality on the Arbitrum network by establishing a dependable link to off-chain data, enabling the creation of more complex and useful applications while safeguarding data integrity and accuracy.

Web3 use cases enabled by DIA Oracles

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With a distinctive architecture that aggregates raw trade data from 90+ sources, DIA ensures 100% source transparency and bespoke customization to meet the diverse needs of dApps on the Arbitrum network.

Instead of relying on opaque 3rd party data providers, DIA sources trade data directly from CEXs and DEXs, solving the issue of data opaqueness and providing Arbitrum smart contract developers and users with complete transparency about their data sources.

By tapping into a vast array of sources, including Arbitrum-native exchanges, DIA ensures unparalleled coverage of asset price data. Experience unmatched oracle price feed customizability, accuracy, and transparency.

Arbitrum Native Data Journey

Arbitrum native data journey

“We are on a mission to deploy isolated lending markets for all crypto assets. The integration with DIA opens doors for new possibilities, starting with the JONES lending market. We’re excited about the collaboration and looking forward to many DIA-supported lending markets.”
Aiham Silo Finance
Aiham Jaabari
Silo Finance Growth Lead

DIA is Enriching Arbitrum's Vibrant DeFi Ecosystem

The DeFi landscape on Arbitrum is flourishing and DIA is at the forefront of supporting dApps like Dopex, Silo, Sperax and more. DIA has managed to position itself as a critical infrastructure provider in the network by:
Providing High-Quality Price Oracles for Any Asset
Enabling and Fostering Utility for Arbitrum Native Assets
Fueling Growth on the Arbitrum Ecosystem with Oracle Grants
Deploying Custom Oracles on Arbitrum, Instantly
Leading Support for Liquid Staked Tokens (LSTs)

Providing High-Quality Price Oracles for Any Asset

DIA’s contributions to the DeFi sector on Arbitrum by providing high-quality price data for cryptocurrencies are characterized by the following key aspects:

Unlike other oracle providers that rely on opaque, third-party data providers, DIA directly sources data from exchanges, ensuring 100% source transparency, crucial for the integrity of DeFi applications.
Build feeds tailored to your dApp-icon
With the capability to create bespoke feeds, DIA ensures that the all dApp needs can be supported. Feeds are tailored to the unique needs of each application, catering to a wide array of use cases within the DeFi sector.
Larger Breath of Assets
Larger Breadth of Assets
DIA supports price feeds for an expansive range of 2,500+ tokens, a breadth of assets that is unmatched. This extensive asset coverage significantly broadens the scope and utility of DeFi applications on Arbitrum.

Fostering Utility for Arbitrum Native Assets

Recognizing the diversity of projects operating exclusively on Arbitrum, DIA is dedicated to building price oracles for Arbitrum native assets and extending their availability across multiple chains through the provision of inter-ecosystem price feeds. This enables the listing of these tokens in DeFi protocols, enhancing their utility on Arbitrum and beyond.

To do so, DIA has developed scrapers capable of obtaining asset trade data from Arbitrum native exchanges, including DEXs like Uniswap, Sushiswap, TraderJoe, Balancer, Curve, Camelot and CEXs Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, Coinbase, etc.

These distinct features amplify the utility and usage of Arbitrum-native tokens such as GMX, RNDT GRAIL, rDPX, ARB, and many more, thereby driving innovation and supporting Arbitrum’s vibrant DeFi ecosystem.

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Pre title Oracle Gasdrop

Oracle Grants to Fuel Arbitrum Ecosystem Growth

DIA is propelling the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem through a unique grant program designed to co-sponsor the gas costs associated with oracle updates, thereby elevating functionality and innovation across Arbitrum’s smart contract ecosystem.

Eligible projects operating on Arbitrum can apply for this grant, and the winners are chosen through a voting system. Approved projects will receive 1,000 $ARB, strictly for covering the gas costs of DIA oracles, fostering a conducive environment for dApp growth and innovation on Arbitrum.

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Deploy Custom Oracles on Arbitrum, Instantly

Since its release, DIA integrated the Oracle Builder specifically for the Arbitrum ecosystem, showcasing its commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the network. The Oracle Builder stands out as an indispensable tool for developers on Arbitrum, allowing for the autonomous deployment and management of custom price oracles in mere minutes.

With its intuitive no-code interface, extensive data library of over 3,000+ token price feeds, and a growing suite of features, the DIA Oracle Builder significantly enhances builders’ dApp development process, offering Arbitrum developers unparalleled flexibility and control in oracle integration.

Oracle Builder Arbiturm Case Study

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Leading Support for Liquid Staked Tokens (LSTs)

DIA stands at the forefront of supporting LSTs, unlocking their true potential through multiple oracle pricing mechanisms. Consequently, DIA offers a comprehensive oracle solution for LSTs, ensuring robust price data for both blue-chip and long-tail Liquid Staked Tokens.

mainstream lsds
For mainstream LSTs
Blue-chip liquid staked tokens that have significant trading volume and liquidity on exchanges, DIA constructs regular market price feeds using trade data from multiple high-volume CEXs and DEXs and applying transparent pricing methodologies such as MAIR or VWAPIR.
long tail lsds
For infrequently traded LST
DIA leverages on-chain information instead of relying on potentially vulnerable exchange data to determine prices, creating “fair-value” price oracles. By evaluating the asset’s collateral ratio, it improves transparency and reduces the risk of market price manipulation.
It is with utmost delight that I announce the integration of DIA oracles into the Dopex platform, which will be used to provide price feeds for our beloved token so-called “$rDPX”. DIA has been a proven and trusted partner to multiple Arbitrum protocols and we are pleased to have their support.
Nutoro D. Chutoro headshot
Nutoro D. Chutoro
Dopex Core-Team

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