An Arbitrum grant program designed to facilitate the evolution of new DeFi use cases within the Arbitrum ecosystem. The program is funded by ARB tokens received from the Arbitrum airdrop.
What is the DIA Gasdrop Arbitrum Grant
What is the DIA Oracle Gasdrop?

An Arbitrum grant program providing developers with funds to cover the gas required to operate price oracles on the Arbitrum network.

Who can apply Arbitrum Grant
Who can apply?

Projects operating on the Arbitrum network and requiring gas to fund a DIA oracle are invited to apply.

How are the winners chosen Arbitrum Grant
How are winners chosen?

Approval is determined through a voting system on Snapshot. Token holders of the applying project, DIA, and Arbitrum are eligible voters.

What's the reward Arbitrum grant
What is the reward?

Projects that secure the required votes will receive 1,000 $ARB, strictly intended for the provision of gas funding for DIA oracles​.

How to apply?

Easy application process

Create a Gasdrop Arbitrum Grant request in the DIA forum

Create a Gasdrop request in the DIA forum

To apply, create a request in the GDR section and fill in template with information about your project the intended use of the oracle.

Arbitrum grant application review and eligibility check

Application review and eligibility check

If the eligibility criteria are met, a Snapshot vote for the request will be created and remain open for 96 hours.

Arbitrum Grant request gets voted on Snapshot

The proposal gets voted on Snapshot

Approval requires more than 50% of YES votes and a minimum threshold of 10k DIA voting power (or ARB/project token equivalent).

Receive your Arbitrum grant

Receive your oracle Gasdrop

Upon approval, tweet the vote results and share the Gasdrop recipient wallet address. The DIA treasury will then send gas tokens.

Funding request
Upon GDR vote approval, the applying project must tweet the vote results and share the Gasdrop recipient wallet address. The DIA treasury will then send gas tokens.
Voting requirements
Votes can be cast by holders of Arbitrum, DIA, and the applying project. Voting power is defined by equalising the fully diluted market cap of all projects and rounding to the nearest whole number (based on CoinMarketCap info on the date of snapshot creation). If a project has no token, only $ARB & $DIA holders can vote.
Fallback and project discontinuation
If a project discontinues DIA oracle usage, the remaining funds must be reallocated for the Oracle Gasdrop use case for other projects.
Gas allocation
The allocation amount can be changed at the core team’s discretion to reflect market price and gas usage for contract updates. Changes reflect the utility value of gas updates and require no additional approval.
Program length
The program will run for a unspecific amount of time. Bear in mind that it may discontinue at any time.


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