Partnership with unshETH

We are delighted to announce the deployment of a custom price oracle on the Arbitrum network, providing real-time price information for the unshETH token.

Partnership with unshETH

Introducing unshETH

unshETH is a diversified liquid-staked ETH basket that earns staking ETH yield and swap fees, all wrapped in a single ERC-20 token. unshETH is also an Omnichain token on both ETH Mainnet and BNB Chain that can be transferred across chains at no cost.

Users can mint unshETH by depositing supported ETH liquid staking tokens and can redeem unshETH into the basket of underlying LSDs. unshETH currently supports 6 liquid staked tokens, with plans to support more.

UnshETH's strategic partnership with DIA has ignited the path for the unshETH protocol to evolve into a quintessential DeFi primitive, fueling our mission to enhance validator decentralization across the ethereum ecosystem.
Medusa unshETH BD Manager
unshETH BD Manager

Custom Price Oracle for unshETH on Arbitrum

We are delighted to announce the deployment of a custom price oracle for the unshETH token. The oracle, requested by the unshETH team, has been deployed on the Arbitrum network and delivers real-time price information of the unshETH token. The oracle will be used by multiple DeFi protocols on the Arbitrum ecosystem to integrate the token into their applications.

The oracle has been constructed, in collaboration with unshETH, utilizing configuration settings in order to create the most resilient feed for the given asset. The feed is built utilizing a MAIR pricing methodology for unshETH trade data collected across multiple exchanges every 120 seconds. To ensure a robust and accurate market price feed, the oracle only leverages trade data from pools with a certain threshold of volume.

The oracle will update whenever the price of unshETH deviates by a value of 2% or higher from its last reported value. Additionally, the oracle will update with a heartbeat of 24 hours if there are no deviation-based updates

The feeds configuration settings, requested by the unshETH team can be found in the following link in the DIA Forum: CDR #057: unshETH | Price feed on Arbitrum

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