About DIA

DIA is Redefining Cross-Chain Oracles for Web3

What is DIA?

Founded in 2018, our mission was clear: to introduce transparency into the opaque world of price feeds securing millions in TVL. Our pioneering data-sourcing strategy, a collective effort of numerous DAO contributors, leveraged trade data directly sourced from a variety of CEXs and DEXs.

The result was Web3’s most transparent and extensive market data library. Now a trusted resource for hundreds of dApps, our library features over 20,000 assets but also enables full customization into feed construction, sources, and methodologies.


DIA’s cross-chain oracles are unlocking a vast array of previously unimaginable use-cases across EVM, WASM, and more environments.
DIA data and oracle users – dApps
Integrated data sources (CEXs, DEXs, NFT Marketplaces)
Integrated blockchain networks
Supported assets in library (tokens, NFT collections, and more)
DAO contributors, actively participating in DIA’s development
Followers on social media across Twitter, Telegram, Discord.

An all-in-one oracle suite

DIA oracles serve as a sophisticated orchestration layer for Web3, meticulously sourcing, storing, and validating data to seamlessly integrate it across more than 40 blockchain networks within EVM, WASM and Substrate environments.
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Fully Transparent Data Sourcing

DIA's data sourcing strategy encompasses over 90 exchanges, including CEXs, DEXs, and NFT marketplaces, guaranteeing data precision and transparency, enabling users to track the origins of every data feed.

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Tailored Advanced Feed Construction

We offer tailored solutions to ensure the highest reliability for each use case. This includes selecting sources, filters, methodologies. Accessible via API, GraphQL, and both pull and push-based oracles.

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Access Price Feeds for Any Asset in Web3

Covering more than 20,000 tokens, DIA offers a comprehensive range of data products. This includes token price feeds, NFT floor price feeds, randomness, Liquid Staked Token (LST) feeds, and more.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Adaptive Security

DIA integrates advanced monitoring tools to ensure real-time evaluation of feed reliability. We implement dynamic security logics in our feeds, allowing them to adapt dynamically to market changes.


With the range of integrations that the ecosystem offers, DIA will play an important role in supplying Fantom developers with a highly-performant oracle service that is accurate and flexible. We’re extremely happy to be working with them.
Michael Kong Fantom CEO
Michael Kong
Fantom CEO
Our top priority is to reduce frictions from developers’ on Polygon and onboarding oracle providers like DIA is a very crucial step for that. With DIA, developers do not have to set up their own data ingestion infrastructure and can start focusing on their end users’ needs from the get go.
Osman Sarman Polygon DIA oracles
Osman Sarman
Head of Infrastructure Partnerships of Polygon
It’s exciting to see DIA integrate on zkSync, their focus on price feeds for both long-tail assets as well as larger projects will enhance the diversity of the ecosystem and enable interesting new use cases in DeFi, NFT and their combination.
Marco Cora zkSync DIA oracle integration
Marco Cora
Head of BD of zkSync



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