About DIA

DIA is Redefining Cross-Chain Oracles for Web3

What is DIA?

DIA redefines oracles on 40+ L1/L2s: Fully customisable, unmet asset coverage, 100% transparent.

Modular, Agile Architecture

Our infrastructure streamlines the journey from data collection, through meticulous computation, to seamless publication. DIA supports over 40 EVM, WASM, and other non-EVM blockchains.

Innovative, Transparent Data Sourcing

DIA’s data sourcing strategy integrates over 90 exchanges, including CEXs, DEXs, and NFT marketplaces, to ensure the highest data precision and transparency. This approach allows users to monitor the sources behind feeds.

Advanced Feed Construction

We offer tailored solutions to ensure the highest reliability for each use case. This includes selecting data sources, filters, computation methodologies, and security logics. Accessible via API, GraphQL, and both pull and push-based oracles.

Extensive Data Library

With an expansive data library covering more than 20,000 tokens, DIA offers a comprehensive range of data products. This includes token price feeds, NFT floor price feeds, randomness, Liquid Staked Token (LST) feeds, and more.

Real-Time Monitoring and Adaptive Security

DIA integrates advanced monitoring tools to ensure real-time evaluation of feed reliability. We implement dynamic security logics in our feeds, allowing them to adapt dynamically to market changes, such as the addition or removal of sources.



The following downloads provide DIA visual identity assets together with press material such as the founder’s bio, one pager and boilerplates.


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