the biggest collection of
custom token price feeds

Build new DeFi dApps leveraging DIA’s price oracles for 3,000+ tokens, transparently sourced from high-volumes CEXs and DEXs.



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Opaque Data, Unreliable Pricing
Traditional oracle providers depend on 3rd party data sources, which often lack transparency and can be manipulated. This leads to inaccurate asset pricing and potential losses for stakeholders.
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Transparent, Resilient Oracles
DIA provides price feeds 100% transparently sourced directly from high-volume CEXs and DEXs, customizable for any use case, ensuring resilient data and pioneering a new standard for oracles.

Introducing DIA Token Price Feeds

DIA xMarket is a cutting-edge product that provides real-time market price data for over 3,000 cryptocurrencies. It is designed to facilitate the safe and sound development of various DeFi use cases.
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Unmatched asset coverage

Access DIA’s catalog of 3,000+ cryptocurrencies, from blue-chip tokens to long-tail assets.

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Transparent multi-source

Feeds are constructed using real-time trade data from high-volume DEXs and CEXs, ensuring total transparency throughout the process.

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Customisable for every use case

Transform raw trade data into reliable feeds using methodologies from outlier filtering to advanced pricing. DIA supports all use cases.

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Cross-chain focused

DIA builds market prices for global or chain-specific tokens and makes them available via API or oracle in any of the integrated 35+chains.


what do builders say?

One of the great things about DIA is they're basically helping us be a pioneer in what we can take as collateral by providing us really safe, secure and
accurate cross-chain price feeds.
Colton Conley Prime Protocol Founder
Colton Conley
Prime Co-Founder
Reliable data is the lifeblood of the on-chain ecosystem — without it, some of the most significant use cases couldn’t exist. We’re super excited to collaborate with DIA to make high-quality price feeds available for devs building on Base.
Jesse-Pollak Base lead Coinbase
Jesse Pollak
Base Lead
It is with utmost delight that I announce the integration of DIA oracles into the Dopex platform. DIA has been a proven and trusted partner to multiple Arbitrum protocols and we are pleased to have their support.
Nutoro D. Chutoro headshot
Nutoro D. Chutoro
Dopex Core-Team



Fetching trade data directly from 90+ exchanges

DIA scrapes data from markets, bypassing opaque 3rd-party providers and ensuring 100% source transparency.

By tapping into a vast array of sources, DIA provides unparalleled customizability and asset coverage.


Applying customizable methodologies

DIA employs custom computational methodologies to process raw trade data into reliable feeds.

From outlier filters to on-demand sophisticated pricing techniques, DIA can cater to any use-case requirement.


Delivering feeds off-chain and on 35+ chains

DIA deploys bespoke feeds for each customer via API or GraphQL and on-chain via oracle on 35+ chains.

APIs and oracles can be configured with custom update triggers and frequencies, enhancing their usability.


unparalleled customization

DIA’s direct and granular data sourcing enables the most complete customization to build high-confidence oracles for any token.

Handpick the exchanges where the asset’s trade data is generated. Choose entire exchanges or go granular choosing each asset pair and liquidity pools.Pick the pricing methodology from a dropdown list or propose a new onePick the best suited update mechanism for your use caseDefine security logics to further improve the resiliency of your feed oracleThe DIA team can implement other solutions to your unique needs. Unsure of the best setup? We offer expert guidance for optimal results.

supporting 3,000+ tokens



Use cases

Powering next-gen
web3 products

Expand the capabilities of your DeFi application by unlocking oracle dependant use cases

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Lending & borrowing
Enable users to deposit any token as collateral to settle loans based on high-quality asset price data.
Options & futures icon svg green
Options & futures
Empower traders to hedge or leverage positions using precise, real-time price data from transparent sources.
Asset management icon svg green
Asset management
Enhance portfolio strategies by integrating transparent price information across diverse assets.
algo stablecoin icon svg green
Algo stablecoins
Maintain pegs and ensure stability using consistent, reliable price feeds, ensuring user trust.
perpetual dex icon svg green
Perpetual DEXs
Facilitate seamless trades with minimal slippage, backed by accurate, tamper-proof price data.
Synthetic assets icon svg green
Synthetic assets
Create and manage synthetic assets with confidence, utilizing dependable price oracles for asset tracking.
Prediction markets icon svg green
Prediction markets
Boost market accuracy and participant trust with transparent price oracles ensuring unbiased outcomes.
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And many more
From yield protocols to staking, DIA’s token price oracles open a wide range of DeFi use cases.
What makes DIA's cryptocurrency API different from other oracle providers?
DIA's crypto API differs because it covers the entire data journey from source to API feed or blockchain oracle, unlike other providers who distribute pre-calculated feeds with limited transparency and flexibility. This comprehensive approach ensures high-confidence, reliable price feeds tailored to various use cases.
How does DIA ensure the breadth of assets in its crypto price API?
DIA ensures a wide range of assets in its crypto price API by scraping granular trade data directly from a variety of exchanges, including Centralized (CEXs) and Decentralized (DEXs) Exchanges, as well as NFT marketplaces. This allows DIA to create price feeds for a broad array of assets across all networks.
Can DIA's API crypto feeds be tailored to specific use cases?
Yes, DIA employs transparent computational methodologies to craft price feeds that meet the unique scenarios and needs of users. From simple TWVAP feeds to complex, use-case-specific feeds, DIA's system is designed to handle diverse requirements and assist in developing new methodologies.
What ensures the reliability of DIA's crypto price API feeds?
The reliability of DIA's crypto price API feeds is ensured by a meticulous data collection system, sophisticated pricing techniques, and transparent computational methods. This enables the creation of resilient price feeds for any assets listed on exchanges and provides extensive monitoring tools for feed status and health.
How does DIA contribute to transparency and prevention of manipulation in crypto price feeds?
DIA enhances transparency and reduces manipulation risk by collecting raw trade data directly from source exchanges and employing a decentralized network of nodes to publish the data via blockchain oracles. This end-to-end transparency allows users to manage and monitor the data confidently.
What blockchains does DIA service with its oracle and API offerings?
DIA's decentralized network of nodes services 40+ major L1/L2 blockchains with its oracle and API offerings, providing accurate, timely data across a wide range of blockchain networks.


Ready to scale your dApp with transparent, customizable oracles?