Partnership with txSync (txFusion)

Revolutionizing Blockchain Scalability and Efficiency: DIA’s Custom Oracle Powers txSync’s Innovative STORJ Paymaster on zkSync

Partnership with txSync (txFusion)

What is txSync (txFusion)?

txSync is the all-in-one platform for all who want to learn, use and build on top of zkSync, powered by txFusion. Their rich portfolio, featuring txPortal, txBridge, and txTsuko – paymaster for all , demonstrates a deep commitment to advancing zero-knowledge technology. Focused on zkSync and zero-knowledge proofs, txSync is dedicated to enhancing blockchain scalability, security, and efficiency.

I'm thrilled with the dedication and hard work put in by the DIA team for the Storj integration, it's even more exciting considering the launch of txTsuko, our PaaS (Paymaster as a Service) platform. With txTsuko, users will have a seamless experience, allowing them to easily add, customize, and deploy a paymaster component to their projects with just a few clicks. The platform will empower users to tailor their paymaster solution to their unique needs and provide them with real-time transaction tracking and insights.
Ines Isljami, Founder of txFusion and txSync
Ines Isljami
Founder of txFusion

txSync Integrates a Custom STORJ Price Oracle

In a strategic collaboration, txSync has joined forces with DIA, a prominent cross-chain oracle provider, to introduce a tailored oracle for the STORJ token on the zkSync Era network. This crucial integration supports txSync’s goal of streamlining monthly payouts to Storj Storage Nodes, thereby improving scalability and reducing gas fees. The STORJ price feed, accessible on the DIA App (DIA STORJ Price Feed), underscores its reliability with comprehensive trade data and diverse sources.

Diagram illustrating the creation of the DIA price feeds for txSync
Diagram illustrating the creation of the DIA price feeds for txSync

DIA has crafted a bespoke price oracle for txSync using transparent, customizable data sources and methodologies. This robust and resilient feed is constructed by aggregating trade data from various CEXs and DEXs, including Binance, OKEx, Coinbase, GateIO, and Kraken. It employs filters and pricing methodologies tailored to txFusion’s requirements, ensuring a high level of confidence in the feed. The feed’s specific methodology, as requested by the txFusion team, is detailed in the DIA Forum: CDR #074 txFusion | Price Feeds.

Powering an On-Chain Paymaster on zkSync

The highlight of this partnership is the development of a specialized Paymaster on the zkSync network, utilizing STORJ tokens to cover gas fees for token transfers and withdrawals. Enabled by DIA’s precise on-chain price feed for STORJ, this solution guarantees accurate ETH value conversions. Additionally, DIA’s comprehensive monitoring system ensures data integrity and consistent performance, reinforcing the partnership’s dedication to transparency and reliability in blockchain transactions.

Expanding Functionality with txSync's Modules

The integration of DIA’s oracle also enhances txSync’s modules, including txPortal and txBridge. As announced in their previous tweet, users can now pay gas fees with USDC tokens when using the transfer or withdrawal functionalities of these platforms. This feature marks a significant step in improving user convenience and flexibility, further showcasing the practical applications of the partnership’s innovative solutions in the real-world blockchain environment.

This partnership between txSync and DIA is just the start, with USDC and STORJ being the initial tokens in our collaborative journey. We’re excited about future integrations and invite you to follow both organizations for the latest updates and insights in our continuous effort to innovate in the DeFi space.

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