Multi-Chain Oracles for Web3

Any data feed on any network.

DIA sources market data from numerous exchanges and delivers them on-chain on any L1 or L2 network.



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Data Feeds

Chose a type of data set and a data point and run the feed.

Coins data
NFT data
Select feed type first
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The broadest
Data library in web3

Data sources
On-chain sources
Off-chain sources
Data feeds
DeFi assets
TradFi assets
NFT Collections

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Power your dApp with DIA’s transparent oracle product suite.

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Governance & Validation
Governance & Validation
Propose general improvements, new products, and features and validate platform modules and data that is already deployed.
Development & Growth
Development & Growth
DIA regularly issues bounties to contribute in the development of the platform and to support the growth of the ecosystem.

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