The Self-Service Tool for
instant Price Oracles

Create, Deploy, and Monitor Custom Price Oracles with Ease, Streamlining Builders dApp Development Process.


Customize and deploy
price oracles, instantly

Supported networks

An all-in-one Blockchain oracle suite

The Oracle Builder is a no-code tool to autonomously create and manage blockchain oracles with unprecedented control and customization.
Instant deployment oracle icon
Instant Autonomous Deployment

Automates oracle setup for immediate deployment, eliminating the need for manual setup from the DIA team.

Thorough customizability oracle icon
Thorough customizability

Allows users to select desired price feeds, data sources, set update triggers, and configure other oracle-specific settings.

Management dashboard oracle icon
Management dashboard

User-friendly interface that displays oracle status, update times, gas levels, and more.

Monitoring service oracle icon
Monitoring service (soon)

Set up a custom Telegram bot to receive critical information on the status of your oracles directly to your device.

Extensive, transparent library oracle icon
Extensive, transparent library

Access DIA’s catalog of 2,500+ cryptocurrencies, sourced from multiple high-volume sources.


Blockchain Oracles, simplified

Navigate through the intuitive user interface to deploy and manage your oracles.

Tailor your price feedsDefine the update triggers- DIA Oracle BuilderMonitor your oracles- DIA Oracle BuilderTop up oracles- DIA Oracle BuilderControl and edit oracles- DIA Oracle Builder

Streamlining dApp Development

The DIA Oracle Builder enables more flexibility and control for smart contract developers utilizing price oracles.

Save development time-icon
Save development time
Speeds up your dApp development process by significantly reducing your oracle setup time to 3 minutes.
Ease of use-icon
Ease of use
No smart contract development knowledge/skills are required to deploy and manage oracles with the DIA Oracle Builder.
Full control over your oracles-icon
Full control over your oracles
Do it yourself, click as you go. Designed to grant users full control and autonomy over their oracle deployment and management.
Build feeds tailored to your dApp-icon
Build feeds tailored to your dApp
Ensure that your oracles are resilient and aligned with your individual use case’s data requirements.
Use cases

Powering next-gen
DeFi products

Expand the capabilities of your DeFi application by unlocking oracle dependant use cases

Lending & borrowing
Enable users to deposit their cryptocurrency as collateral to settle loans, run swaps and many more.
Options DEX icon
Options & futures
Build sophisticated trading dApps for any token based on high-quality, resilient and transparent price feeds.
Asset Management icon DeFi
Money markets
Power the automatic management of on-chain pools with DIA’s oracles for cryptocurrencies.
And many more
From perpetual protocols, stablecoins and more, DIA’s oracles open a wide range of use cases to price feed oracles.
What is the DIA Oracle Builder?
The DIA Oracle Builder is a tool that allows users to set up, monitor, and manage oracle deployments seamlessly.
Are oracles editable, expandable?
Oracles can be edited via the Manage dashboard. Users can edit all oracle parameters except the target blockchain. To make the edits effective, the oracle must be redeployed.
Which networks can I deploy my oracle on?
Currently, you can deploy on Ethereum Goerli, Arbitrum Goerli, and Polygon Mumbai. More networks will be added based on demand and integration availability. To request one, get in touch with us via Telegram.
Why and how do I have to top-up my oracle's gas?
Oracles require network gas tokens to cover the update transactions that import data on-chain. These costs are covered by the oracle user.
Each oracle has its own separate gas wallet. You can add funds during deployment or later via the management dashboard. Funds can be added from a connected wallet or transferred manually from a different wallet.
What should I do if a token isn't available via DIA’s integrated sources?
If a token isn't trading via DIA’s integrated sources, you can get in touch with the DIA team via Telegram or Discord to request a new source integration.


Deploy your first oracle on a testnet network.