Partnership with NEOKingdom DAO

We are delighted to announce that DIA has deployed a bespoke price oracle for the EUR and USDC assets on Evmos to power the off-ramping of NEOKingdom DAO tokens.

Partnership with NEOKingdom DAO

Introducing NEOKingdom DAO

NEOKingdom DAO’s vision is to reimagine employment by facilitating both web3 and real-world businesses to become DAOs. Investors can invest money and contributors can invest time to receive tokens of the DAO. These NEOK tokens give access to ownership, governance, and dividend rights. Every contributor is an owner and has a voice in governance decisions, and rights to profits. Contributors also have the flexibility to liquidate their NEOK tokens for fiat money. NEOKingdom DAO is a legally-compliant DAO under the favourable Estonian legal system.

DIA Oracles to Power NEOKingdom DAO

We are delighted to announce a partnership with NEOKingdom DAO. With a shared vision of transparency, scalability, and customizability, we have co-developed a bespoke price oracle deployed on the Evmos network. The oracle provides real-time price feeds for the EUR/USD and USDC/USD asset pairs. This oracle enables the automatic conversion required for NEOKingdom DAO contributors to convert their NEOK tokens to Euros.

The feed is constructed by leveraging single trade data for each asset, sourced from multiple high-volume exchanges. Following this, DIA implements rigorous data-cleansing filters and fully transparent pricing methodologies, delivering a highly accurate and reliable final price feed.

See the sources for each asset in the following links:

Learn more about how DIA oracles work in our documentation.

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