Hello Kadena: DIA Price Oracles Available on Kadena Mainnet

DIA Deploys its Oracle Infrastructure on Kadena to Jumpstart a New Wave of DeFi Innovation on the Network with Transparent and Robust Price Feeds for 15 Assets.

Hello Kadena: DIA Price Oracles Available on Kadena Mainnet

Introducing Kadena

Kadena is a high-performance blockchain platform known for its unique combination of scalability, security, and ease of use. Utilizing a braided, parallelized proof-of-work consensus mechanism, Kadena ensures efficient transaction processing without compromising on security. Its smart contract language, Pact, is designed to be human-readable and verifiable, making it accessible for developers while maintaining high standards of security.

Kadena stands out with its proven ability to scale indefinitely, making it an ideal platform for applications requiring high throughput.  Kadena’s blockchain enhances Bitcoin’s innate security by braiding multiple Bitcoin chains together, offering an impenetrable network key for any high-valued system.

Details of the Partnership

DIA has deployed a comprehensive price oracle on the Kadena blockchain, providing real-time price feeds for a diverse set of assets including USDC, stETH, ETH, WETH, WBTC, OP, GNO and many more. This integration is set to jumpstart the DeFi ecosystem on the Kadena network, unlocking a myriad of use cases such as lending and borrowing,

I'm excited for this integration with DIA's price oracle and look forward to seeing how it fuels the growth of Kadena's DeFi ecosystem! Thanks to this integration we are one step closer to numerous DeFi opportunities like native exchanges, lending, and stablecoins.
Stuart Popejoy Kadena Founder and CEO
Stuart Popejoy
Kadena CEO

Our price oracles aggregate data from over 80 different sources, including centralized and decentralized exchanges. The use of a Moving Average Price with Interquartile Range (MAIR) methodology ensures that the price feeds are both reliable and resistant to manipulation.

The oracle is set with a deviation-based update mechanism, so updates are only pushed once the asset changes in value, and thus this reflects the real-time price accuracy of the asset.

Kadena Bring DIA Oracles to its Mainnet Network. Diagram illustrating the integration

Benefits and Features of DIA Oracles

This integration brings several key benefits to the Kadena ecosystem. Developers building on Kadena can now access precise and transparent price data for a variety of assets, enabling the creation of sophisticated DeFi applications. The availability of these oracles will facilitate the development of new financial products and services, attracting developers, TVL and overall contributing to the growth of Kadena’s DeFi landscape.

Moreover, DIA’s oracles enhance the security and functionality of dApps on Kadena by providing reliable data that is crucial for smart contract operations. This partnership is poised to drive innovation and unlock new potential in Kadena DeFi ecosystem.

Guest Appearance on "Beyond the Block"

For those interested in learning more about this integration, DIA’s team recently featured as a guest on Kadena’s podcast, “Beyond the Block,” episode 5. The discussion delves into the technicalities of the integration and explores the importance of oracles in blockchain ecosystems.

You can listen to the full episode below:


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