Hello Base: DIA Oracle Suite Integrates with Base

DIA announces its integration with Base, an Ethereum L2 solution, to deliver a comprehensive suite of oracles, supporting 3k+ tokens, 18k+ NFT collections, and more to developers on the platform.

Hello Base: DIA Oracle Suite Integrates with Base

Welcome to Base

Base is an innovative, secure, and cost-effective Ethereum Layer 2 solution built by Coinbase. By offering an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment at a fraction of the cost, Base enables developers to effortlessly onboard and secure user assets from Layer 1 and smoothly interoperate with other L2 chains.

Powered by the MIT-licensed, open-source OP Stack and developed in collaboration with Optimism, Base is building towards the vision of bringing the next billion users on-chain.

“Reliable data is the lifeblood of the onchain ecosystem — without it, some of the most significant use cases such as NFTs or DeFi couldn’t exist. We’re super excited to collaborate with DIA to make high-quality price feeds available for devs building on Base testnet, helping them stretch their imaginations and what they can build.”
Jesse-Pollak Base lead Coinbase
Jesse Pollak
Base Lead
DIA Price Oracles Are Available for Developers Building on Base

DIA Oracles Enter Base

We are thrilled to announce the integration of DIA’s extensive data library of transparent and customizable oracles with the Base Goerli. This collaboration will make price feeds for over 3,000+ tokens18,000+ NFT collections and more accessible to developers building on Base testnet. With access to price feeds for both popular and lesser-known cryptocurrencies and NFT collections, developers can now create diverse use cases for DeFi and NFTfi.

Cutting-Edge Open-Source Oracle Infrastructure

DIA sets itself apart from other Web3 data solutions with its proprietary open-source oracle infrastructure. DIA sources trading data directly from over 80 off-chain and on-chain sources to create accurate and reliable price oracles, ensuring 100% transparency throughout the data journey.

Tailor-Made Price Oracles

DIA’s architecture allows for the creation of custom token and NFT price feeds that can be fine-tuned in terms of pricing methodologies, data sources, and other factors, such as oracle update mechanisms and frequency. This flexibility empowers developers to meet any unique data and asset requirements their projects may have, while also offering protocol users full transparency into how the data feeds are generated.

Base DIA Demo Oracle

Test the DIA demo oracle on the Base Goerli testnet by interacting with the following demo oracle smart contact:

Note: DIA Demo Oracle contracts are not intended to be integrated into dApps. DIA deploys dedicated contracts for dApps, please request a dedicated oracle. Learn more about DIA demo oracles on the DIA Documentation.

Looking for a Custom Oracle on Base?

Get in touch with the DIA team via Telegram or Discord to set up a fully transparent and customisable price oracle for your use case.


What is DIA?

DIA is a cross-chain, data and oracle platform, redefining blockchain oracles on 30+ Layer1/Layer2 networks. DIA’s price oracles are fully customisable, have unmet asset coverage, and 100% transparent. DIA is enabling new Web3 primitives for DeFi, NFTfi and GameFi.

What is Base?

Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 incubated by Coinbase to bring the next billion users on-chain. Base plans to progressively decentralize in the years ahead.

How do DIA oracles work?

DIA crowdsources trade data at a very granular level straight from 80+ off-chain and on-chain sources to create price oracles. This ensures that protocols have access to accurate and reliable data feeds while providing 100% transparency on the data.

What are the benefits of using DIA oracles on Base?

Developers building on top of Base testnet will now have access to fully transparent, and customizable price oracles for long-tail assets and NFT collections, in addition to top digital assets, enabling them to build more diverse DeFi and NFTfi use cases.

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