Hello Telos: DIA Oracles Integrated with Telos EVM Chain

DIA integrates with the Telos EVM to become the ecosystem’s go-to price oracle. Developers can start building DeFi apps on Telos now with robust price feeds.

Hello Telos: DIA Oracles Integrated with Telos EVM Chain

Telos Ecosystem Price Oracles, powered by DIA

dApps building on Telos EVM can utilize DIA oracles to obtain up-to-date asset price information. These deployed oracles are suitable for use in production environments. The oracle come with a predefined list of 10 assets including USDC, USDT, ETH, BTC and TLOS.

However, if dApps require a custom oracle with a different set of assets and configurations, they should contact DIA on Telegram.

Access the Telos Price Oracle

Introducing Telos

Telos EVM is a scalable solution for Solidity-based applications, built with the intent of revolutionizing the DeFi landscape. Unlike other scalable EVMs, Telos EVM is not just a fork of the original Go Ethereum code. It’s an entirely new EVM redesigned from the ground up to take full advantage of the power that Telos technology has to offer.

With an impressive speed of Up to 10,000 Transactions/Second and 0.5 Second Block Times, the Telos EVM aims to solve major layer 1 network’s inefficiencies. Despite its unique design, Telos EVM offers feature parity with Ethereum, which makes it a powerful solution for developers and users looking for an Ethereum Virtual Machine that can keep up with the demands of mass adoption.

DIA oracle infrastructure integration on Telos

We are thrilled to announce that DIA is entering the Telos ecosystem by making its data and oracle infrastructure available on Telos EVM layer 1 blockchain. DeFi developers on Telos can now leverage DIA’s broad set of data feeds, which includes 20k+ digital asset price feeds.

“Partnering with DIA allows Telos to fulfil its potential in supporting DeFi projects like Omnidex, Zappy and Bardi, among others. We are working on a meaningful liquidity support program and offer the Ignite grant program for DeFi start-ups. Come and build your DeFi projects on Telos.”
AJ Dinger Telos Head of Business Development
AJ Dinger
Head of Business Development at Telos

To source such a broad range of data feeds, DIA scrapes trade data directly from on-chain sources like DEXs and off-chain sources like CEXs at individual trade level. This uniquely allows DIA to leverage the broadest possible set of sources, ensuring maximum coverage of asset price data.

Any token that is publicly accessible can be sourced and oraclized, regardless of whether it is listed on exchanges and what its trading volume is.

Telos DIA oracle integration diagram

Transparency and customizability are essential pillars for DIA. Developers can leverage unique price feed oracles built by DIA, customizing its data sources or update mechanism (push or pull). This approach is designed to adapt to any custom needs a project might have, but also to provide users with the maximum transparency of how their data feeds are constructed, while being able to serve any asset price feed.

Thanks to Telos Etheruem Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, developers can easily port Ethereum native Apps to Telos high-speed network and plug DIA oracles to fuel its smart contracts. This new integration will enable teams operating on Telos to develop use cases such as stablecoins, stakings rewards, lending and borrowing, DEXs and many more.

“We are thrilled to enter the Telos ecosystem by integrating our open-source and transparent data and oracle infrastructure with Telos’ new EVM layer 1 blockchain. Developers will be able to natively access DIA’s broad set of data feeds for 20k+ crypto assets and 20k+ traditional assets via highly customisable and transparent oracles. We are very excited to start collaborating with Telos native dApps to help them build the best products in an accurate and reliable manner”
Paul Claudius DIA Head of Business Development
Paul Claudius
DIA's Head of Business Development

Need an oracle on the Telos EVM?

Request your custom price feed oracle in the Telos Network’s EVM blockchain by getting in touch with DIA’s integration team via Telegram:

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