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Development Verticals

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🎨 Design
From brand development, marketing design, motion design or UI/UX design, the Design Guild is developing the visual identity of the DIA ecosystem.
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📈 Growth
From promotional campaigns, growth tactics and social development, the Growth Guild is working towards expanding the reach of the DIA community.
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✍️ Copywriting
Product deep dives, market research, community updates or announcements, the Copywriting Guild writes informative and educative content.
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🚂 Biz dev
From establishing DAO2DAO relationships to user identifications/conversions, the BD Guild helps drive the usage of the DIA oracles.
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💼 Operations
The Operations Guild of the DIA DAO is actively working to improve the processes, tools and infrastructure to ensure the DIA DAO runs smoothly.
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💻 Tech
The DIA DAO Tech Guild is building a variety of features, modules, interfaces and more to improve DIA's multi-chain oracle product suite.
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