Unveiling the DIA Oracle Builder: Custom Price Oracles in 3 Minutes

DIA’s new tool enables builders to deploy, manage, and monitor custom price oracles instantly and autonomously, enabling more flexibility and control for smart contract developers. Available now in selected testnets.

Unveiling the DIA Oracle Builder: Custom Price Oracles in 3 Minutes

What is the DIA Oracle Builder?

The Oracle Builder is a no-code tool to autonomously create and manage price oracles. Leveraging DIA’s full data library of  over 2,500+ cryptocurrency price feeds, developers can now create customised oracles using an intuitive interface and gain full control over their oracles via a management dashboard, and monitoring and notification tools to track oracle performance

With DIA’s Oracle Builder developers can define and deploy oracles across various chains in under 3 minutes, eliminating oracle-related bottlenecks in dApp development.

Features: All-in-one Oracle Suite

The DIA Oracle Builder comes with a host of features and will be continuously expanded and improved. Some notable capabilities include:

  • Instant Autonomous Deployment: Automates oracle setup for immediate deployment, eliminating the need for manual setup from the DIA team.
  • Customizability: Allows users to select desired price feeds, data sources, set update triggers, and configure other oracle-specific settings.
  • Management dashboard: User-friendly interface that displays oracle status, update times, gas levels, and more.
  • Monitoring service: Provides a custom Telegram bot to receive critical information on the status of your oracles directly to your device.

Extensive, transparent library: Enables access DIA’s catalog of 2,500+ cryptocurrencies, sourced from multiple high-volume sources.

Benefits: Streamlining dApp Development

The central goal of the DIA Oracle Builder is to create the smoothest possible developer experience in regards to oracle creation. Breaking down the complexities of oracle definition and deployment will remove development friction so that builders can focus on their core tasks. 

  • Save development time: Speeds up the dApp development process by significantly reducing oracle setup time to 3 minutes(!).
  • Ease of use: No smart contract development knowledge is required to deploy and manage oracles with the DIA Oracle Builder.
  • Full control over your oracles: Do it yourself, click as you go. Designed to grant users full control and autonomy over their oracle deployment and management.

Build feeds tailored to your use case: Ensure that your oracles are resilient and aligned with your dApp’s individual data requirements.

Beta Testing Phase

The DIA Oracle Builder is in Beta testing phase on selected testnet networks. Developers are encouraged to test and explore the product, suggest additional features, and partake in our testing phase campaign through.

Learn more about the Beta Testing Program

In the coming weeks, updates including risk management features will be rolled out. Upon thorough testing and valuable feedback, the DIA Oracle Builder is set to transition to mainnet, expanding its accessibility across various blockchain networks.

A Look into the lnterface

The DIA Oracle Builder interface is divided into two modes: Deploy and Manage.


In four intuitive steps, deploy a custom oracle:

  1. Build price feeds based on data sources, volumes, trades, and more.
  2. Select the desired blockchain to deploy on.
  3. Decide on an oracle update mechanism.
  4. Deploy your oracle smart contract and assign yourself as its owner.


The Manage dashboard allows for oracle monitoring, maintaining, and editing. From the last update’s information to gas levels, all crucial information is at your fingertips. Actions like topping up gas tokens, and editing or deleting oracles are executed in a few steps. 

DIA Oracle Builder: Management Dashboard


Enhance your experience with a notification setup via a Telegram bot, receiving alerts on crucial events like low gas levels. The bot will continue growing in features over time. It is expected for the bot to soon deliver notifications on new data sources availability; strong price deviation alerts, etc.

Try the DIA Oracle Builder Now

The Oracle Builder is now available in beta stage in the following testnet networks: Arbitrum Goerli, Polygon Mumbai, and Ethereum Goerli.

Make sure to read the DIA Oracle Builder Documentation, watch the developer video tutorials, and join the DIA Developer Discord to get technical help.

Disclaimer: DIA Oracle Builder is in beta stage, do not use these oracles in production environments.

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