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DIA tokenholders can take part in the decision-making of the DIA Platform and Association

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From ideation to implementation, learn the governance process, requirements and more.
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The Governance Modules

DIA’s governance and validation happen on many levels via the following DIA DAO modules. Learn more and get started.

DIPs - DIA Improvement Proposals
DIPs are strictly product-related proposals, subjects of discussion can range from the implementation of new data computation methodologies or certain tech stacks.
See DIPs
GDPs - General DIA Proposals
GDPs are general DAO proposals, subject of discussion are not product or platform specific proposals but rather operational matters, community, or treasury, among others.
See GDPs
CARs - Community Approval Requests
A CAR is an approval mechanism for DIA’s product categories. They are designed in order to facilitate a lean process for the DIA DAO to approve or reject processes, content and infrastructure.
See CARs
CDRs - Custom Delivery Requests
A CDR is a mechanism for dApps to publicly request custom data and oracle deliveries to DIA. CDRs will provide a lean process for protocols to request tailor-made data feeds.
See CDRs

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Community Proposal for the DIA DAO Annual Treasury vote 2023
Hey Michael, Thanks again for being close to the community! Best regards, Alex
Community Proposal for the DIA DAO Annual Treasury vote 2023
Hi @alexism . Thanks for the input and proposal again this year. Since, similar to last year reasonable and fair for voting, we will put this up for vote. Regards, Michael
Community Proposal for the DIA DAO Annual Treasury vote 2023
Hi Alex, We appreciate your input and proposal. I have approved your post and it is now visible in the "Discussion" section. Will update you on the next steps before we move on to the vote. Anze
Community Proposal for the DIA DAO Annual Treasury vote 2023
Dear Dia Team, It's been 1 year. Hope this finds you all well. In the name of our community, I extend our collective appreciation to the entire team and founders for their commitment to the DIA vision. As a community, we stand united, sharing a deep connection with the principles that guide DIA. We recognize the efforts, passion, and dedication put forth by the DIA team, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude. Your all commitment to transparency, decentralization, and community involvement resonates deeply with us, and it is this shared vision that makes our community strong as we are participants in a collective journey. We actively vote, support, and engage because we believe in the potential and principles of DIA. Your successes are our successes, and likewise, if there are challenges, we face them together. As DIA moves forward, we want to assure you that the community stands firmly behind the team, understanding that the journey may have its challenges. **Community Proposal:** Taking into account the recent options presented for the 2023 annual potential treasury release, the community believes that an airdrop aligns well with the principles of transparency, accountability, and decentralized governance emphasized by DIA. 1. **Airdrop:** We propose an airdrop, just like last year, totaling just 91.5k DIA, this is verry conservative to express gratitude without causing market fluctuations or any potential impacts on the token's price or the broader market. This modest allocation is a token of gratitude to the community without causing undue market fluctuations. ##Solution: The community proposes using funds from the previous unused treasury to supplement the proposed 91.5k DIA airdrop. This aligns with the principles of prudent financial management and ensures that unused funds contribute to the community's benefit. #Risks: No Risks. 2. **No Treasury Release in December:** Aligning with the Dia Data team's cautious approach, the community supports refraining from any treasury release in December. Summary of Community Proposal: ##[Airdrop + No 2023 treasury release]## Specs: • Utilization of Unused Treasury Funds to supplement the proposed airdrop. • Airdrop: 91500 DIA • Distribution Method: Equal shares to everyone who voted on any Dia proposals in 2023. • Formula: 91500 / nr of votants. • Claimed airdrop. • Treasury Release: No release in December 2023. This comprehensive proposal seeks to uphold our shared principles, express community gratitude, and contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of Dia Thank you all for your dedication to transparency and collaboration with the community. Best Regards, Alex
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