Participate in the Governance of DIA

DIA tokenholders can take part in the decision-making of the DIA Platform and Association

Learn: How to Govern
From ideation to implementation, learn the governance process, requirements and more.
Discuss: DIA Forum
A space to propose and discuss ideas to improve the DIA platform, product and processes.
Vote: DIA Snapshot
Where proposals are voted on-chain by DIA tokenholders before implementation.

The Governance Modules

DIA’s governance and validation happen on many levels via the following DIA DAO modules. Learn more and get started.

DIPs - DIA Improvement Proposals
DIPs are strictly product-related proposals, subjects of discussion can range from the implementation of new data computation methodologies or certain tech stacks.
See DIPs
GDPs - General DIA Proposals
GDPs are general DAO proposals, subject of discussion are not product or platform specific proposals but rather operational matters, community, or treasury, among others.
See GDPs
CARs - Community Approval Requests
A CAR is an approval mechanism for DIA’s product categories. They are designed in order to facilitate a lean process for the DIA DAO to approve or reject processes, content and infrastructure.
See CARs
CDRs - Custom Delivery Requests
A CDR is a mechanism for dApps to publicly request custom data and oracle deliveries to DIA. CDRs will provide a lean process for protocols to request tailor-made data feeds.
See CDRs

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