Partnership with Y2K Finance

We are delighted to join forces with Y2K Finance to launch a price oracle for its asset Y2K, and monitor pegged asset prices within Y2K’s Earthquake vaults.

Partnership with Y2K Finance

What is Y2K Finance?

Y2K Finance is a suite of structured products designed for exotic peg derivatives, that will allow market participants the ability to robustly hedge or speculate on the risk of a particular pegged asset (or basket of pegged assets), deviating from their ‘fair implied market value’.

Y2K is dedicated to empowering DeFi users by providing robust hedging against tail risks and unlocking distinctive speculative opportunities. Our strategic integration of DIA oracles plays a pivotal role in establishing novel markets. Notably, DIA's support extends to Y2K through the Y2K price oracle, facilitating lending, borrowing, and promising additional utilities in the near future.
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Introducing the Y2K Price Oracle

We are delighted to announce that DIA has deployed a custom price oracle for Y2K Finance on the Arbitrum network. The oracle transparently delivers real-time price feed for the Y2K token while being resilient to market volatility, thanks to its custom design configuration settings.

The oracle is built by collecting the token’s trade data from multiple sources, such as Uniswap and Balancer, and applying custom processing layers to deliver a resilient, transparent price feed. Check the source exchanges that the oracle uses in the DIA App link below:

Y2K Price Feed | DIA App

The processing layers include an MAIR pricing methodology and a 0,5% deviation-based update mechanism. To learn all the details of the oracle configuration, check Y2K’s delivery request in the DIA Forum below:

CDR #048: Y2K Finance | Price Feed on Arbitrum

Powering Lending and Borrowing on Silo

For the last months, the custom DIA oracle has been safely powering a lending and borrowing market on Arbiturm in the Silo protocol.

Check the Y2K Market in the Silo App

The custom DIA oracle in the Silo protocol provides real-time, accurate price feeds for the cryptocurrency 2YK token, ensuring the lending and borrowing market operates with up-to-date valuations.

Learn more about DIA’s token price feed API and oracles:

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