Partnership with Peapods Finance

Peapods partners with DIA to introduce the PEAS token price oracle, enabling borrowing against PEAS on Arbitrum and setting the stage for pUSD, a yield-bearing stablecoin derivative, which will soon serve as a new pairing asset for Pods.

Partnership with Peapods Finance

What is Peapods Finance?

Peapods Finance is a decentralized, permissionless, and trustless on-chain protocol that pioneered Volatility Farming – a new DeFi primitive. By leveraging the inherent volatility of crypto markets, Peapods enables users to unlock yield opportunities for any liquid asset.

Peapods Taps into DIA for PEAS Price Oracle

We are delighted to announce that Peapods Finance has partnered with DIA to launch the first price oracle for its PEAS token. Deployed on the Arbitrum network, this robust, real-time price feed facilitates seamless third-party integrations and will soon empower PEAS holders to borrow against their tokens.

We’re excited to work with DIA to offer price feeds for PEAS on Arbitrum. Thanks to DIA’s dependable and precise data, features like borrowing against PEAS become feasible. DIA has a strong reputation as a top provider in this field, emphasizing accuracy and reliability for a secure product.
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Peapods Intern

PEAS Price Oracle on Arbitrum

The PEAS token is actively traded on both the Ethereum and Arbitrum networks. Although most of the token’s liquidity resides on the Ethereum Mainnet, the price oracle is designed specifically for the Arbitrum network using Arbitrum-native market data sourced from DEX pools on the Camelot exchange.

To enhance the security of the price feed, the oracle includes a “guardian” functionality. This feature cross-references the PEAS token’s price on the Ethereum network. If a significant price discrepancy is detected between the Arbitrum network and the Ethereum mainnet, the “guardian” functionality activates to protect the oracle.

See the PEAS price feed and it’s market data in the DIA App:

Diagram of the Peapods Partnership with DIA oracles
Diagram of the Peapods Partnership with DIA oracles
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