Partnership with UPFI Network

We are delighted to partner with UPFI to power its $UPFI stablecoin with DIA’s transparent oracles to enable next-generation payments on the Solana network.

Partnership with UPFI Network

UPFI Network is an algorithmic stablecoin natively operating on the Solana blockchain. UPFI is partially backed by collateral and partially algorithmically stabilized. UPFI is the first Solana based stablecoin protocol whose design principles are to create: a scalable, non-custodial, stable, fractional-algorithmic. UPFI recently won the Solana Hackathon in Vietnam.

We are delighted to partner with UPFI to power its stablecoin to enable next generation payments on the Solana network. DIA will start delivering accurate and transparent oracles to facilitate the $UPFI stablecoin to be pegged to the value of the US dollar. Secondly, DIA will also provide UPFI a price feed for its governance token $UPS. Lastly, DIA will supply UPFI with various price feeds such as SOL/USD for its platform-based farming pool.

To deliver decentralised and accurate oracles, DIA is collecting data directly from scrapers of multiple centralised and decentralised exchanges. In addition, unlike most other oracles, DIA leverages Solana-native data to build the oracles, by sourcing price information directly from markets operating on Solana such as Raydium.

Upfi integrates DIA oracles to launch stablecoin on Solana
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