Partnership with Ankr

DIA partners with the cloud based node infrastructure provider Ankr to provide flexible and scalable cross-chain data oracles for blockchain metadata

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Partnership with Ankr

We are excited to announce that DIA and Ankr are setting up a partnership to extend provision of blockchain data across a multitude of chains. DIA will leverage Ankr’s cloud-based node operation infrastructure in order to make a wide range of data points available via its open-source Oracle suite.

As the DeFi ecosystem grows to new heights, the demand for transparent and auditable data also extends to breadth of coverage. In order to meet this demand and efficiently set up nodes across a wide range of chains, DIA has partnered with Ankr.

Ankr provides a cloud based infrastructure that enables fast, flexible and scalable deployment of new blockchain nodes within minutes. Ankr employs a distributed cloud approach that ensures maximum uptime and operational resilience. Not least, Ankr’s approach is both energy and cost-saving compared to traditional cloud infrastructure providers.

“We realise that the decentralised oracle market is heavily dependent on reliable on-chain data, which can easily be fetched by oracle providers through running full nodes on Ankr. DIA will not only be an Enterprise client for us, they will also help us better understand the needs of oracle providers, so we can cater to the needs of this emerging market.” said Chandler Song, CEO of Ankr

DIA will begin operations by setting up nodes for Bitcoin and Dash to read out and make available via oracles data points including circulating supply, block sizes, block height, hash rates, transaction sizes, transaction volumes among others. Further nodes will be set up in the future to provide broader data coverage and the teams will be working on further solutions to specifically meet the DeFi ecosystem’s growing demand for oracle-based data delivery.

“We are excited to work with teams like Ankr that enable us to expand our data offering quickly, on-demand and without large overhead”, Samuel Brack, CTO of DIA says. “The large range of nodes and the full service support offered is very attractive for projects that are looking to scale fast.”

Operations will begin soon, with Dash and Bitcoin blockchain metadata available via DIA’s oracle suite, as will be documented in DIA’s documentation.

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