Partnership with Pinnata

We are thrilled to announce that DIA’s transparent oracles are feeding the Pinnata yield protocol operating on the Celo Network.

Partnership with Pinnata

PINNATA is a leveraged yield farming protocol that offers yield farmers access to leverage when providing liquidity to a decentralized exchange on Celo. The Pinnata protocol supports DeFi on Celo in two ways. On one side, lenders lend out their assets in a traditional DeFi money market with variable interest rates based on utilization rate and no locking period. On the other end, more risk-seeking traders can enter a farming position on any of the supported protocols, borrowing from the money market and using their existing position as collateral.

We are thrilled to announce that we are supporting Pinnata with access to DIA’s oracle services. Through this partnership, DIA is fueling Pinnata’s yield protocol with accurate and transparent price feeds. This integration represents DIA’s first dApp integration within the Celo ecosystem.

To provide the most accurate data, DIA is feeding Pinnata with price points sourced at trade level simultaneously from multiple decentralised exchanges such as Raydium, Ubeswap, UniSwap and Mobius. This unique methodology in the oracle landscape enables DIA to offer a reliable layer of oracle transparency and decentralisation to dApps.

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