Partnership with Seascape Network

We are delighted to collaborate with Seascape to enable the dApp ecosystem around their Crowns token by integrating its price data into the DIA oracle across multiple chains.

Partnership with Seascape Network

With a focus on usability and quality, Seascape Network aims to create an environment that will allow users, developers and stakeholders to play, earn and share experiences in an incentivised way. The network is set to provide a method for self-education on blockchain and related finance in a fun and engaging way.

By gamifying the process from start to finish and removing complex barriers, the Seascape Network will allow users to seamlessly enter the world of blockchain games and decentralized finance, financially incentivising both playtime as well as game development. Seascape is powered by its native token Crowns, which was designed to reward all key stakeholders of the Seascape gaming ecosystem.

DIA has integrated Seascape’s Crowns token into its broad set of data feeds, which will allow 3rd party dApps, such as Wowswap and others to utilise Crowns to provide use cases such as leveraged trading.

Michael Weber, DIA’s Association Presidents adds:

“It’s a great pleasure for DIA to partner with Seascape. This collaboration not only expands our library of on-chain price points, but enables dApps to accurately integrate Crowns price data to their platforms.”

David Johansson, CEO and Co-founder of Seascape Network comments:

“The gamification of DeFi offers many opportunities to our users, but poses significant challenges when it comes to security and ensuring that data feeds to our smart contract are reliable. This partnership with DIA will help ensure that the CWS price feed is accurate across the Seascape ecosystem, unlocking many more possibilities when it comes to our DeFi games!”

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