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We are thrilled to announce DIA’s first dApp integration on the Fantom network. DIA will feed Ovre’s decentralised NFT marketplace with verified and transparent data feeds.

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Partnership with, created by Zoocoin, is a decentralised marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on top of the Fantom network. Ovre’s platform enables artists to mint NFTs and collectors to list and purchase these artworks. Ovre’s mission is to create a platform where users can enjoy the experience of a decentralised marketplace without worrying about gas fees. Ovre supports native rendering of 3D / Image / Video formats and all the content is securely stored on Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

We are thrilled to kick start DIA’s oracle expansion within the Fantom ecosystem by announcing the first dApp integration with DIA is officially feeding Ovre’s NFT marketplace with a unique price feed oracle for the FTM/USD pair.

Ovre, as a platform built on top of the Fantom Network and using its native FTM token as a payment tool, heavily relies on the accuracy and reliability of the data feed. DIA, by simultaneously sourcing the data from multiple CEXs and DEXs at a trade level, is able to provide an accurate and reliable oracle solution for Ovre.

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