Partnership with Dfyn

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Dfyn Network. Dfyn will integrate DIA’s accurate price feeds to fuel its prediction market platform.

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Partnership with Dfyn

Dfyn Network is a multi-chain Automated Market Making (AMM) DEX, built to be an inter-connected AMM with nodes spread on different blockchains. These AMMs will be able to share liquidity across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains and enable cross-chain swaps by leveraging Router Protocol’s XCLP.

With Dfyn, nodes spread across many L1s and L2s, Dfyn will enable users to perform their asset trades seamlessly on several blockchains from a single interface. Dfyn will also build a decentralized swap station to swap large assets natively like BTC, ETH, ADA in a non-custodial way.

DIA and the multi-chain AMM DEX Dfyn enter a new partnership, where Dfyn will integrate DIA’s trusted oracles for its Polygon-based price prediction markets product. DIA will feed Dfyn’s AMM platform with a volume-weighted average price index of market prices. This integration represents the first use case of DIA oracles for a DeFi prediction market product.

Additionally, DIA will provide Dfyn with a unique TWAP — time-weighted average price feed (DFYN/USDT). Furthermore, Dfyn will also leverage DIA’s trusted oracles DIA to enable lending and borrowing activities on its platform.

“DIA was able to provide us with fast-updating DFYN price oracle on Polygon which will find its use-case in many applications like borrowing/lending and prediction markets. We look forward to working with Dia for building new products for the long-tail and mid-tail of the crypto market.”
Ramani Ramachandran
CEO at Dfyn
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