DIA’s Initiatives for 2023

From cutting-edge new data products, risk solutions, and architecture development, to new partnerships and collaborations, DIA is poised to support dApps to make an impact and generate novelty across the DeFi, NFTfi and GameFi verticals.

DIA’s Initiatives for 2023

This post will give you a sneak peek at some of the exciting updates and developments we have planned for 2023, and how we aim to solidify further our position as a critical oracle provider for EVM and Substrate-based environments.


Next-gen data solutions

During 2022, DIA’s price and randomness oracles saw an increase in adoption, validating its reliability across many ecosystems. During 2023, DIA will be venturing into more state-of-the-art data and oracle products that are set to enable more sophisticated DeFi products. Stay tuned for news on this in the following weeks.

Risk and monitoring tools

2022 was the year in DeFi’s short history with the highest volume of hacks and exploits, including price oracle attacks. Therefore, during 2023, DIA is set to empower decentralised teams to build more robust dApps by providing tools to monitor and evaluate risks associated with any price feed. Additionally, DIA is planning to integrate with more marketplaces to bolster our data feeds and reduce CEX native risks.

Trustless architecture & AI

DIA will continue working on developing a trustless architecture for its data platform. This will involve upgrades in areas such as computation, automation, node architecture and more. In addition, these upgrades lay the foundation for the creation of novel AI-based data applications (analysis, auditing and reporting to name a few) on top of DIA datasets and architecture.

Multi-chain expansion

2022 was strongly marked by the deployment of layer 2, rollups, parachains and other use case-specific blockchain networks. As the market stabilises, DIA will work to ensure the availability of its comprehensive data infrastructure across the most relevant networks. This includes its library of 3.000+ token price feeds, 18.000+ NFT floor price feeds and distributed and verifiable random number generation.

Business Development

User-centric product

Through extensive research involving business partners and DAO members, DIA will work to identify market needs and develop solutions for new sophisticated data feeds in collaboration with the product team.

Operational excellence

From identification and requirement collections to development and onboarding, DIA continues to develop operational excellence to become the most professional, user-centric oracle provider of Web3.

Market penetration

Identify new relevant industry product verticals catching traction and integrate with users early on. Identify the most relevant L1 and L2 network growth and solidify position as the go-to oracle on those.



DIA received a major brand revamp to illustrate its new phase of maturity and technological advance. During 2023, the focus will lie on finalising the integration of our new brand across the space.


After a fruitful year attending and speaking at eventsDIA is planning to continue attending high-tier industry conferences to foster relationships, drive integrations and create brand exposure.

Additionally, there will be a focus to develop and execute repeating local event formats like dinners and meetups to drive networking and integrations. A range of virtual event formats to be held with partners to boost exposure on DIA’s tech stack as well as educate users on oracles.


The focus will be on product-driven content, shedding more light on DIA’s existing products and architecture as well as highlighting new product developments. Additionally, the marketing team will develop and execute a low-effort, high-impact SEO strategy.

DAO and Community

Smooth work streams

The bullish months of 2022 paved the way for the launch and growth of the DIA DAO. In 2023 and while the bear market lasts, it will be focused on optimizing the DAO’s scale and operations. The DAO’s main purpose will be on value-adding work streams that support the core team.

Prepare to scale

At the same time, we will be preparing the DAO’s infrastructure and its Swiss Association legal framework and architecture to release its full potential when a more positive market environment arrives in the crypto markets.

DAO2DAO Collabs

Part of that aforementioned architecture involves connecting and establishing new relationships with relevant DAOs and communities by organising community-geared activities such as social media campaigns, virtual events, content and many more.

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