2022 in Review: DAO Development

In 2022, DIA journeyed further down its roadmap to complete decentralization across all business verticals. In the process, we attained reached milestones and recorded tremendous progress in terms of community growth and development, governance and overall organizational structure.

2022 in Review: DAO Development

This is a recap of all the DIA DAO activities and achievements in 2022.

Milestones and Achievements

Spearheaded by the launch of the DIA Work DAO, 2022 saw the DIA DAO transition from a decentralised community of developers to building a vibrant community of contributors from all skill sets and fields of expertise. Together, the DIA DAO is working towards supporting the DIA platform and oracle infrastructure across all business divisions.

Here are highlights of these major achievements this year:

DIA Work DAO Inception

DIA DAO underwent a major revamp by building a decentralized community of contributors with multiple skill sets across multiple business lines such as growth, operations and business development. DIA executed this by initially launching a closed testing phase. The DIA Work DAO was built as a framework to allow contributors to take part in the development of the DAO while earning rewards along the way.

→ Learn more

DAO Community Growth

Since the inception of the DIA Work DAO, we have seen a tremendous increase in governance and social activity surrounding DIA. Since then, DIA received over 600 applications and has successfully onboarded over 262 active contributors that devote their quota to DIA’s overall growth. Beyond incentivizing participation, the DIA DAO was designed with frameworks that allow contributors to rise up the ranks and take on more responsibility, giving them access to boosted and even better rewards.

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DIA Community Hub Launch

The DIA Community Hub is an open-source education platform built by DIA DAO contributors for DIA DAO contributors. The platform operates as an avenue to share and access DIA ecosystem news, as well as discuss Web3 and DAO-related topics. The vision of the DIA Community Hub is to become the decentralized DAO and Web3 Wikipedia.

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DAO Developments

Here are some of the mechanisms inculcated to improve the DAO’s overall contributor experience and organizational structure.


  • Discord: The DIA DAO is hosted on its Discord server where community members sync via text chats and community calls. Suggestions are also brainstormed and voted on in Discord Forum posts.
  • Forum: Major proposals like CARs and CDRs are still discussed on the DIA Forum and voted on the DIA Snapshot page.
  • Dework: The DIA DAO also utilizes Dework’s task management infrastructure to manage workflow, project collaborations among contributors, leaderboards and incentivization.
  • Crew3: DIA DAO also integrated a series of monthly quests on Crew3 as mechanisms to increase the engagement of contributors within the DIA DAO community through simple tasks.

Organizational Structure

  • Guilds: Guilds represent the organisational verticals that are reflected in the DIA DAO. Tasks/bounties are distributed via each guild to form a more decentralised and autonomous organisation. Each guild has its own leadership that is in charge of application and completed task review, strategic and operational guidance of the guild. → Learn more about DIA DAO Guilds.
  • Roles: The DIA DAO requires a range of different roles to operate efficiently. Currently, it is run via 4 roles including — Core contributors, Guild Leaders, Ambassadors and Contributors. → Learn more about roles here.
  • Onboarding: Members become contributors by getting onboarded into one or more guilds and get to rise up the ranks depending on their skill level and commitment to DIA DAO. → Learn more about onboarding here.
  • Rewards and incentives: The DIA DAO implement a multi-layered incentive mechanism where contributors earn ETH and “XP”. Additionally, DIA tokens are an extra layer of reward to enable participation in governance and other on-site utilities. → Learn more about rewards here.

Governance Updates

Governance proposals are approval mechanisms for both product-specific proposals and more general suggestions or ideas.

Take a look at the proposals published, voted on, validated and implemented in 2022.

GDPs — General DIA Proposals

The subjects of discussion of GDPs are not typically product or platform-specific proposals. Rather, they are proposals that seek to generally improve the DIA community.

  • GDP #009: dART Pool 2022 100K DIA: This proposal was passed to propose the renewal of the 2021 DIA ART Staking pool with an additional 100,000 DIA from the treasury. 92% of the total votes were in favour of the proposal. Learn more
  • GDR #010: Cross-Chain / Bridge Liquidity Pool Incentive Program from Treasury: The DIA core team proposed an allocation of a total of 25,000 DIA from the treasury to incentivize the provision of liquidity for DIA in ETH and USDC on Arbitrum. Considering the vulnerabilities and security risks attached, 91.74% of the DIA DAO community voted against this proposal. Learn more
  • GDP #011: Proposing a RANK system for DIA DAO contributors: A proposal to implement a simple rank system for the DIA DAO using XP. The rationale was that each new rank reached unlocks a booster and assigns a special Discord role and title for the contributor. The proposal was passed with 99% of the votes in favour. Learn more
  • GDP #012: December 2022 DAO Treasury Vote for 2023: The usage of the DIA Association’s annual reserve unlock will be up for vote on December 13, 2022. The annual treasury vote is designated to define how DIA’s reserve funds will be allocated in the coming year to foster DIA’s progress including product development, marketing, community, events and more. Learn more.

CDRs — Custom Delivery Requests

CDRs are mechanisms for dApps to request custom data feeds from DIA publicly. CDRs allow any market actor to independently request any data feeds with fully customized specifications regarding sources and methodologies, as well as to update the delivery requests further down the line.

  • CDR #001: Starlay | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #002: EdgeSwap | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #003: Dopex | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #004: Hummus Exchange | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #005: FantOHM | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #006: Standard Protocol | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #007: TOMB Finance | Asset Price | Fantom Opera — Learn more
  • CDR #008: OmniDEX | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #009: Midas Capital/ Rari Fuse | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #010: Zumer — Sumeria Labs | NFT Floor price — Learn more
  • CDR #011: Arka | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #012: Rikkei Finance | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #013: NFTY | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #014: SiO2 Finance | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #015: Midas Capital | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #016: Hadouken Finance | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #017: DAM Finance | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #018: Mimo capital | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #019: Takepile Protocol | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #020: Sylva | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #021: Xfraso | NFT Floor Price — Learn more
  • CDR #022: Domination Finance | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #023: Lido on Polkadot | Asset Price — Learn more
  • CDR #024: Sylva | stDOT Price feed oracle — Learn more
  • CDR #025: Goblin Sax | NFT Floor Price — Learn more

CARs — Community Approval Requests

CARs are DIA DAO approval mechanism for DIA’s current and upcoming product implementations. They are meant to facilitate a lean process for the DIA DAO to approve or reject and also improve the processes, content and infrastructure of DIA’s cross-chain oracle platform.

Community Building

In 2022, DIA DAO continued its efforts to build a strong decentralized community by employing mechanisms and tools to keep them engaged.

Here are some of the employed efforts geared towards community development in 2022.

Community AMA

The monthly DIA Community AMAs are held on the DIA official Telegram channel. These AMAs are opportunities for the DIA Core Team to answer questions posed by the community, as well as to attend to suggestions.

Here is a recap of all 2022 Community AMAs.

January AMA | February AMA | March AMA | April AMA | May AMA | June AMA July AMA | August AMA | September AMA | October AMA | November AMA | December AMA

Community Hangout

In a bid to ensure that contributors remain aligned with the goals of the DIA DAO and to enable contributors to bond together, bi-weekly community hangouts were kickstarted in the DIA DAO. The community hangout involved activities such as the presentation of the DIA DAO Surveyproject overviews, and governance workshops.

Find all community hangout recaps here.

Fun Events

The DIA DAO community sure knows how to have some fun! Friday nights are also Trivia Nights in the DIA DAO Discord and are fast becoming the highlights of every week in DIA DAO. Every Friday night, contributors get to test their Web3 knowledge and fight for a special Discord role and DIA DAO XP.

Community Partnerships

OKC — Free NFT Mints

As part of their NFT Football Cup campaign, OKC (OKXChain) gifted the DIA DAO with 100 free NFT mint spots claimable by DIA DAO contributors.

→ Learn More

Dework — Project and Bounty Management tool

DIA teamed up with Dework as a strategic partner to run its DAO operations by utilising its Web3 native project management platform. With Dework, DIA is organizing its different business verticals in a lean fashion. DIA is running from simple to more complex projects; sourcing high-quality and committed multi-skilled contributors.

→ Listen to the Twitter Spaces

Crew3-Community Quests

DIA also teamed up with the Web3 native platform to provide engaging and community-building activities for the DIA DAO through an automated platform and reward system based on XP.

→ Visit DIA DAO’s Crew3 dashboard

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