Community AMA, February 2024

Here is a recap of the February 2024 Community AMA, a monthly session where the DIA Team answers community questions and suggestions in the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

Community AMA, February 2024

DIA is hosting a monthly Telegram AMA session with the core team. This monthly event aims to improve direct communication between DIA and its community by collecting community concerns and suggestions and having the DIA core team answer them.

Below is a recap of the February 2024 Community AMA on February 6th, 2024. We had Samuel Brack, Co-Founder & CTO, and Anze Noc, Community & DAO Lead at DIA in this Community AMA. Let’s take a look at what was discussed:

In the previous AMAs, you mentioned that DIA will undergo a big infrastructure evolution. Is this still planned and what is the current status of this project?

The infrastructure evolution for DIA is progressing as planned, with several components already developed and tested, while others are in the development or planning stages. This evolution is pivotal for DIA’s positioning in the oracle market, and we are eager to unveil more details as we approach the launch. The evolution encompasses a comprehensive improvement aimed at enhancing our services and capabilities and further aims to decentralize our oracle infrastructure.

As we embark on this transformative journey, it’s important to emphasize that this complex and crucial upgrade of our product is driven by our commitment to security and reliability. We are dedicated to rolling this out methodically, ensuring each step enhances our platform’s robustness. Our focus remains on delivering excellence without compromising safety, underscoring our positive outlook on DIA’s future.

Can you share any details yet about the DIA tokenomics V2? Is more utility coming for the DIA token?

As part of our infrastructure evolution, we are also revising our tokenomics to introduce additional utility and network effects for the DIA token. This new tokenomics model is designed to integrate the DIA token more deeply into our ecosystem and product, with plans to gradually roll out new mechanisms. Although specifics are still under wraps, we are enthusiastic about the enhancements this will bring to the DIA token’s role within our platform.

The overhaul of our tokenomics is intricately linked to the progression of our infrastructure evolution. This deliberate and phased approach ensures that the implementation of new tokenomics will be aligned with the infrastructure’s advancements. We are moving forward with a clear vision, where each step of our infrastructure upgrade paves the way for the exciting possibilities our revised tokenomics will bring.

What are some of the main goals for this project to achieve in 2024?

For 2024, DIA has set ambitious goals across various domains. Key objectives include the execution of our infrastructure evolution alongside a gradual rollout of tokenomics v2, expanding blockchain integrations, forging new partnerships with dApps, and amplifying our marketing efforts across branding, SEO, and events. 

Product-wise, we aim to provide even more transparent, safe, and reliable data feeds. We’re also keen on exploring new trends and catering our offerings to meet market demands, making 2024 a transformative year for DIA with enhanced product offerings and increased brand visibility.

We’ve also presented our 2024 goals in the Dec 2023 AMA, you can find it here.

Will DIA connect with the Ordinals protocol in the future? Does DIA have any plans for the developing Bitcoin ecosystem?

The interest in Bitcoin L2s and sidechains has indeed surged, highlighting a growing trend towards building applications on Bitcoin. DIA is actively exploring this space and is in discussions with potential teams about our role as an oracle provider within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our unique first-party sourcing architecture positions us well to support tokens native to Bitcoin’s sidechains and L2s, including Bitcoin ordinal tokens. While we aim to be a significant player across various crypto categories, our focus remains on ensuring DIA’s long-term positioning rather than chasing transient trends. We are excited about the potential within the Bitcoin ecosystem and anticipate sharing developments in this area soon.

Is there any plan to increase the amount of bounties on Dework letting the community take a more active part of the DIA DAO?

DIA values community collaboration and has recently expanded our bounty offerings, particularly in content creation. As new projects and initiatives unfold, we anticipate a broader range of opportunities for community members to contribute their diverse skills. Our approach to bounties is strategic, focusing on areas that directly support our core operations. For those interested in participating, we encourage staying connected with DIA DAO on Dework for the latest bounty opportunities.

DIA DAO Dework: 

I will be visiting a lot of crypto conferences this year. What conferences is the DIA team going to be present on and have some side events planned there?

We’re thrilled to engage with DIA supporters at various conferences and have plans to attend ETHDenver next, where we’ll host the 3rd iteration of Infra Gardens alongside partners like idOS, Phala, Li.Fi, Kwil, and Subsquid. The event will be an exciting opportunity for networking and collaboration. 

You can find more details and apply to join Infra Gardens here: 

Looking ahead, we’re also preparing for DappCon Berlin, ETHCC in Brussels, Consensus, and more. Updates on our conference attendance and side events will be shared, so stay tuned.

Are there any new chain integrations coming up? What about new partnerships with dApps? Do you see a trend of active development in the space or is development cooling down?

DIA is actively working on multiple new chain integrations, underscoring our commitment to supporting a broad spectrum of promising chains. Alongside these integrations, we’re excited about several upcoming dApp partnerships set to be revealed in the near future. 

Our observation is that development within the crypto space remains robust, with a noticeable uptick in activity compared to the previous year. This vibrancy fuels our optimism for DIA’s role in the evolving crypto landscape.

When will we see DIA token futures? Is there a plan to list DIA on futures markets?

Currently, DIA is not actively pursuing listings on futures markets or initiating futures for the DIA token. Our focus remains on developing and enhancing our core offerings and infrastructure to ensure DIA’s long-term growth and sustainability in the oracle and crypto markets.

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