Hello Metis: DIA oracle infrastructure now available on Metis

DIA and Metis join forces to integrate DIA’s open-source oracle infrastructure into the Metis’ Layer 2 Andromeda network, feeding the Metis ecosystem with transparent and customisable data feeds while being backed by the security and decentralizion of Ethereum.

Hello Metis: DIA oracle infrastructure now available on Metis

About Metis

Metis is a layer 2 open framework for the creation, management, and scale of DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Companies). Metis draws a nuanced distinction between DAOs and DACs: Whereas DAOs focus primarily on matters of governance, DACs are designed specifically to address day-to-day business operations and management. Metis is focused on building out sustainable, decentralized companies on top of performant layer 1 blockchains through its DAC framework.

DIA oracle infrastructure integration on Metis

We are delighted to announce that DIA’s open-source and transparent oracles are now compatible and available on Andromeda Mainnet, the Layer 2 Ethereum Rollup built by Metis. This collaboration represents the first oracle integration within the network and will enable the Metis ecosystem to access accurate and reliable financial data, providing a huge benefit to Metis’ growing list of DeFi partners. DIA, thanks to its open-source architecture, will be able to serve dApps on Metis with customizable data feeds of all major digital assets, as well as any long-tail assets.

Metis DIA DIA Oracle Address


DIA Oracle in Andromeda Explorer

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