2023 in Review: Chain Integrations

Explore DIA’s 2023 chain integrations, showcasing strategic focus on Ethereum Layer-2 solutions and Rollup-as-a-Service for Web3 innovation.

2023 in Review: Chain Integrations


As we reflect on the significant strides made in 2022, DIA continues to forge ahead in 2023, expanding its number of chain integrations to 40+. The complete list of integratins can be found in the DIA Ecosystem page here.

2023 Chain Integrations Overview

High-Frequency Oracles on Boba Network

DIA’s groundbreaking integration with the Boba Network marked a significant stride in offering high-frequency oracle services. This deployment on BobaETH and BobaBNB provided real-time, transparent data crucial for DeFi applications. Read more about this integration. For developers, the detailed documentation can be found here. Listen to our podcast on this topic for deeper insights.

DIA Oracles Meet Aleph Zero

The collaboration between DIA and Aleph Zero brought an array of oracle services to this network. DIA’s Token Price Feeds and xRandom products significantly enhanced Aleph Zero’s capabilities in DeFi and GameFi spaces. Discover more in the original article. Developers can access the oracle suite through this link. Check out our engaging podcast for additional insights.

Linea Network’s Integration with DIA Oracles

DIA’s integration with the Linea Network, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, extended its oracle services, offering robust price feeds for an extensive range of tokens and NFTs. This collaboration was pivotal for developers in DeFi, NFT finance, and GameFi. Learn more from the dedicated post. For further exploration, here’s the documentation. Explore our podcast to gain more perspectives.

DIA and Vara Network: A Partnership for Unbiased Randomness

The integration with Vara Network demonstrated DIA’s commitment to providing versatile solutions, as its xRandom product became accessible to the Vara community. This partnership was essential for developing unbiased, secure random number generation for various Web3 applications. Further details are available in the original article.

Oracles for Base: Expanding DIA’s Reach

Base’s integration with DIA brought a new dimension to Ethereum’s Layer 2 solutions, enriching it with DIA’s diverse oracle suite. This allowed Base developers to access a wide array of token and NFT price feeds. Read the full story here. Developers can dive into the specifics through this documentation link.

Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Welcomes DIA Price Oracle Suite

DIA’s deployment on Polygon zkEVM mainnet was a major milestone, offering comprehensive price feeds for a vast array of tokens and NFTs. This integration highlighted the adaptability and scalability of DIA’s oracles within the zkEVM ecosystem. The full announcement is here.

zkSync Era Testnet Enriched with DIA’s Oracle Suite

The integration of DIA’s oracle suite with the zkSync Era testnet marked another significant achievement, offering reliable data sources for a variety of decentralized applications. For an in-depth look, visit the blog post.

Conclusion: Continuing Multi-Chain Coverage

2023 in Review - Blockchains - DIA is now available in 40+ chains

As DIA continues to expand its chain integrations in 2023, it remains committed to serving the evolving landscape of new and relevant blockchains. This year marked a shift in focus from launching independent Layer-1 networks to developing Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solutions, leveraging Ethereum’s security and compatibility with EVM developer toolkits.

The emerging trend of Rollup-as-a-Service, offering a diverse space for Web3 application builders with customizable environments and modular components, signals a new era in blockchain scalability. In the coming months, DIA is poised to delve deeper into this sector, underlining its dedication to innovation and partnership in the ever-changing realm of blockchain technology.

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