Hello Linea: DIA’s Oracle Infrastructure Now on Linea Network

As Linea Network embarks on its journey as the next evolution of Consensys zkEVM, DIA is thrilled to announce the integration of its data library with the network, bringing robust price feeds to 3,000+ tokens, 18,000+ NFT collections, and more for developers on Linea.

Hello Linea: DIA’s Oracle Infrastructure Now on Linea Network

Unveiling the Linea Network: Ethereum's zkEVM Evolution

Birthed from Consensys zkEVM’s vision, Linea stands as Ethereum’s beacon for next-gen dApps. This Ethereum Layer 2 solution seamlessly integrates past achievements with future aspirations. Developers exploring Linea enjoy the thrill of pioneering Web3, backed by Consensys’ established infrastructure.

Building on the tremendous growth post-zkEVM’s introduction and its private testnet’s launch, Linea cements its reputation as an innovative L2 solution. Its harmonious blend of zero-knowledge proofs with full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalence ensures dApps scale effortlessly.

DIA's Comprehensive Data Library: Now on Linea Network

We are delighted to announce that DIA has made its data library available for developers building on the Linea Network. Beyond offering asset price data for established cryptocurrencies, DIA empowers developers to leverage specialized, resilient oracles for 3,000+ tokens and 18,000+ NFT collections to cater to complex requirements. 

DIA transparently pulls trade data from an extensive network of over 80 different sources across multiple L1/L2s. Additionally, DIA can promptly incorporate new trading venues as needed. Such in-depth data access enables the development of intricate price feed configurations. These feeds offer flexibility in pricing methodologies , data source selection, update mechanisms, and more. On a case-by-case basis, DIA also devises innovative settings to meet unique needs.

This strategic approach guarantees that DIA’s oracles are not only robust and resilient to market fluctuations but also adapt best to each dApp’s unique use case. With its tried-and-true oracle infrastructure, DIA currently enhances the functionality of over 100 decentralized applications (dApps), thereby unlocking novel applications in the DeFi, NFT finance, and GameFi sectors.

Discover all assets supported by DIA by visiting the DIA App:

Asset Price Feeds | DIA App

Architecture diagram of DIA oracles integration with Linea layer 2 blockchain network
Integration of DIA oracles with the Linea layer 2 blockchain network

Custom Oracle Solutions for Linea: Connect with DIA

To explore tailored oracle solutions for your dApp on Linea, reach out to the DIA team. Dive deeper into the custom oracle processes through our detailed documentation.

Request an oracle | DIA Documentation

How to Integrate DIA Oracles on Linea | Linea Documentation

Test DIA’s Linea Demo Price Oracle

Developers eager to experiment with DIA oracles, we’ve deployed a DIA demo oracle on Linea Network. Dive into the nuances with the demo oracle smart contract details:

Note: DIA Demo Oracle contracts are exclusive for testing and not suitable for live dApp deployment. Please, approach us for a dedicated oracle. The oracle only contains price feeds for assets DIA/USD, BTC/USD, USDC/USD.


What is DIA?

DIA is a pioneering cross-chain data and oracle platform, extending its services across 30+ L1/L2 networks, ensuring wide-ranging asset coverage, complete customisation, and absolute transparency.

What is Linea Network?

A product of Consensys zkEVM’s evolution, Linea is a groundbreaking L2 solution on Ethereum, designed for the next generation of web3 developers, ensuring scalability and affordability.

How do DIA oracles function?

DIA functions through a modular architecture that involves three key steps: Collection, where it gathers market data from various on-chain and off-chain sources using exchange scrapers; Computation, where raw trade data is processed into reliable feeds using transparent methodologies; and Publication, where the processed data is pushed on-chain via oracle smart contracts.

Why employ DIA oracles on Linea?

Linea developers can now harness DIA’s transparent price oracles, covering a vast range of assets and NFT collections, facilitating the creation of an expansive array of DeFi and NFTfi applications based on resilient data feeds, tailored to every user’s needs.

How to request a price oracle on Linea?

To explore tailored oracle solutions for your dApp on Linea, reach out to the DIA team. Dive deeper into the custom oracle processes through our detailed documentation: Request an oracle | DIA Documentation or get in touch with the team via Telegram.

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