Wag3s Integrates DIA Oracles

We are delighted to announce that Wages has integrated DIA token and NFT price oracles to power its all-in-one HR platform for Web3.

Wag3s Integrates DIA Oracles

What is Wag3s?

Wag3s introduces a new approach to finance and HR management in Web3 ecosystems. Wages is poised to redefine the way individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency, accounting, and human resources, all from the comfort of a single unified interface.

Wag3s Integrates DIA Oracles to Power its HR Platform

We are excited to announce that Wag3s is leveraging DIA data feeds to power its all-in-one finance and HR platform. As part of the integration, Wag3s is utilizing DIA’s token price feeds as well as NFT price feeds to power various modules of the platform.

By employing DIA’s open-source APIs, Wag3s seamlessly integrates real-time data into its system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for its users. This integration not only enhances the reliability of Wag3s’ platform but also underscores the flexibility and robustness of DIA’s API infrastructure.

We are thrilled to partner with DIA and integrate their oracle solutions into our platform. With DIA's reliable and accurate data feeds, we can provide our users with the latest and most trustworthy information, which is essential for features such as one-click tax calculations and accounting. Precision is of the utmost importance to avoid any errors and to give our users the best possible view of their portfolios.

This partnership is not just about technology, it's about shared values and a commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers in a decentralized way. We are proud to work with a partner like DIA who shares our vision for the future of Web3
Wag3s team
Wag3s team
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