Partnership with Segment Finance

DIA Oracles are Powering Segment Finance’s Lending and Borrowing Protocol Running on the BOB Bitcoin L2.

Partnership with Segment Finance

What is Segment Finance?

Segment Finance is an advanced lending and borrowing multi-chain platform. The innovative tokenomics and reward distribution mechanics ensure robust growth and unparalleled sustainability. Segment Finance is currently live on the BOB, BNB, and opBNB Chain networks.

Segment Finance aims to be the prime lending platform by offering the highest competitive incentives for money markets, the biggest variety of supported assets and the deepest liquidity.

Segment Finance Integrates DIA Oracles on BOB Bitcoin L2

We are delighted to announce that Segment Finance has integrated DIA’s price oracle services to power all its lending markets in the Build on Bitcoin (BOB) network. The oracle delivers real-time price feeds for the assets USDT, USDC, ETH, WBTC, tBTC, SOV and STONE.

We are excited to partner with DIA to enhance the security and reliability of the Segment Finance platform. Leveraging the price feeds DIA provides, we are poised to build the next generation of DeFi on BOB.
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Alex Protsenko
Segment Finance Co-Founder

Lending Pools Secured by Robust, Transparent Oracles

DIA oracles secure lending pools by providing accurate, tamper-proof pricing data sourced at granular, trade level directly from multiple CEXs and DEXs. DIA’s transparent first-party oracle architecture minimizes risks of manipulation, ensuring that Segment Finance’s lending platform can assess collateral values accurately and manage liquidation thresholds effectively.

BOB BUild on Bitcoin - token price feed oracle integration
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