Hello Boba Network: DIA’s Oracles Live on Boba Testnet

DIA oracles are now integrated with Boba Network testnet, enabling dApp development on the first compute-focused multichain layer-2 scaling solution for EVM-compatible chains.

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Hello Boba Network: DIA’s Oracles Live on Boba Testnet

Introducing Boba Network

Boba Network is a multichain blockchain Layer-2 scaling solution and hybrid compute platform claiming to offer lightning-fast transactions and fees up to 60x less than Ethereum. Its Hybrid Compute brings the power of Web2 on-chain, with smarter smart contracts that allow developers and creators to leverage off-chain compute and real-world data to offer an enriched experience unlike anything else on the market today.

Boba Network recently became the first multichain blockchain execution layer, working with multiple EVM-compatible networks. Initially, Boba Network is operating as a scaling solution for Ethereum, Fantom and Moonbeam networks. As part of their mission to provide a seamless user experience and onboard blockchain’s next billion users, Boba will be delivering immediate performance improvements and connecting Web2 and Web3 applications and services through Hybrid Compute.

DIA oracle integration on Boba Network

We are delighted to announce that DIA has integrated its open-source oracle infrastructure with the Boba Network’s testnet. This new update enables developers on Boba to begin building and testing a wide variety of DeFi and NFTfi applications reliant on high-quality, transparent and crowd-sourced price data feeds.

Thanks to Boba Network’s Hybrid Compute platform, Web3 applications can be deployed and run in an efficient environment, where DIA will be able to feed them with accurate and transparent market data. This will allow DIA to power dApps on Boba L2 with a number of DeFi use cases including stablecoins, staking, yield aggregators, as well as NFTfi use cases.

We continue to create the best possible environment for developers to build dApps that people love to use. This integration with DIA is another step in that direction, providing Web3 builders with strong tooling and a reliable product. We’re thrilled to have DIA on board, and we look forward to seeing what developers build with this new tool at their disposal.
Alan Chiu Boba Network CEO
Alan Chiu
Boba Network CEO
Boba Network DIA oracles integration diagram

With DIA’s data and oracle infrastructure deployment, dApps on Boba Network’s EVM-compatible ecosystem will have access to price feeds of 2k+ digital assets, 20k+ traditional assets, 18k+ NFT collections and a range of lending rates, FX rates, and other data feeds. This will enable Boba Network to support a wider range of applications beyond DeFi and NFTfi and across multiple chains, catering to growing ecosystem demands.

DIA’s unique open-source oracle infrastructure differentiates itself from other Web3 data solutions as it doesn’t rely on third-party data providers. To build the price oracles, DIA crowd-sources trade data at a very granular level directly from off-chain and on-chain sources. DIA’s architecture enables the creation of tailor-made price feeds for every dApp and use case, fully customizable in computational methodologies, data sources and more. This approach enables DIA to cater to any specific data and asset needs a project might have and also provides users with full transparency about how the data feeds are constructed.

“Boba Network is working to solve two major drawbacks that blockchain technology is currently undergoing. The first one is the lack of user experience due to increasing network congestion on L1s and hence high network fees. The second one is the lack of tech infrastructure for an undeniable multi-chain future. We are excited to kick off this integration to jointly provide a solid tech stack to build a reliable, efficient and user-centric multi-chain Web3 tech stack.”
Michael Weber DIA Co-Founder
Michael Weber
DIA Co-Founder

Boba Network DIA Demo Oracle

Test the DIA demo oracle on the Boba Network by interacting with the following demo oracle smart contact:

Note: DIA Demo Oracle contracts are not intended to be integrated into dApps. DIA deploys dedicated contracts for dApps, please request a dedicated oracle. Learn more about DIA demo oracles on the DIA Documentation.

Need a trusted oracle on the Boba Network?

Request your custom price feed oracle in the Boba Network by getting in touch with DIA’s integration team via Discord or by submitting a Custom Delivery Request on the Forum.

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