Partnership with Polygon (FKA Matic)

We are delighted to announce the start of a close partnership with Polygon. DIA will bring transparent and community-verified price Oracles to the Polygon ecosystem. In addition, DIA Labs will support Polygon’s developer program with micro-grants to help teams leverage transparent data feeds.

Partnership with Polygon (FKA Matic)

Update, 15.02.2021: DIA Oracles are implemented and live on Polygon (formerly Matic).

Polygon solves scalability and UX issues for DeFi developers

The Polygon Network sets out to solve the issues of slow block confirmations and high gas fees and the lack of smooth user experiences needed to enable mass-market adoption. As the current decentralised ecosystem lacks usability and convenience with slow, expensive and complex decentralised transactions, Polygon leverages a combination of blockchain scaling, developer platform and tools, and a rabid focus on user experience to solve these issues.

Polygon Network builds a decentralized platform using an adapted version of the Plasma framework that provides a solution for faster and extremely low-cost transactions with finality on the main chain. The system ensures liveliness using PoS checkpoints which are pushed to the Ethereum mainchain. This enables a single Polygon sidechain to theoretically achieve 2 16 transactions per block, and possibly millions of transactions on multiple chains in the future. In addition, Polygon aims to simplify the interaction between users and the decentralized world, so that anyone can do so without worrying about the complexity of the system.

DIA to provide data oracles for Polygon ecosystem

DIA will be officially providing transparent, open-source data feeds to projects building on Polygon. Use cases span payment applications, efficiency optimised trade execution for DEXs and even applications like transactions for on-chain gaming applications. With the move, DIA will fuel the development of applications on the efficiency geared Polygon ecosystem.

“Integrating DIA as an official data provider for the Polygon ecosystem is a great move forward.” says Arjun Kalsy, Founder of Polygon Network. “We are really happy to see that the teams developing on our network will have easy and direct access to this really transparent and open-source data backbone, not to mention that DIA Labs will be backing teams in our Build-n-Earn program that leverage DIA feeds.”

Build-n-Earn: Incentives for Polygon developers, powered by Gitcoin

Polygon Developer Support Program is a monthly recurring incentive program for developers and teams that need a reliable, predictable source of cash flow during their development and maintenance of the application lifecycle before they actually breakout to their next level of growth stage. Polygon Build-n-Earn is powered by Gitcoin grants and deploys up to $50.000 every month to help developers build their dApp on Polygon.

As part of the collaboration with Polygon, DIA Labs, DIA’s grant and acceleration program for the DeFi data ecosystem, will back Polygon developers in the Build-n-Earn program that leverage DIA data feeds with microgrants in addition to the funding already provided by Polygon Developer Support Program. More details about the microgrant program will be shared soon.

“We are really excited to participate in Polygon’s Build-n-Earn program and support the development of dApps with DIA data feeds. Supporting builders to develop dApps and thereby develop a project-native ecosystem is crucial during these early days of DeFi. Platforms like Gitcoin Grants as well as the Buid-n-Earn program are vital to this endeavour.”
Paul Claudius DIA Head of Business Development
Paul Claudius
DIA Co-Founder & BD Lead
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