Partnership with Chaingain

We are delighted to announce that Chaingain is integrating DIA oracles to fuel its platform with accurate and transparent on-chain currency rates.

Partnership with Chaingain

Chaingain is a decentralized financial platform, offering a variety of products tailored to many individuals, ranging from lending and borrowing protocol to capital renting. Chaingain’s new platform bridges the gap between everyday financial needs and the DeFi paradigm, in order to create decentralized protocols to answer to a broad range of financial needs. These include use cases such as investors accessing capital with a minimal amount of collateral, people eager to put their crypto portfolio to generate passive income via the lending pool or via peer to peer lending.

The Chaingain platform offers two broad spectrum products: the Gain Rental and the Gain Matcher.

DeFi loans are a quick way to access capital, but not unless you already have more capital to put aside as collateral. ChainGain solved this problem by creating the capital rental pool — Gain Rental. It is a pool from which borrowers can rent for a determined amount of time paying daily rental fees with only 10–15% collateral.

The second product is the Gain Matcher– a peer-to-peer lending and borrowing service, a collateral-backed lending service allowing users to choose a role according to their needs: either borrowing or lending and also allowing users to set their terms and conditions for existing offers.

We are delighted to announce that Chaingain is integrating DIA’s trusted oracle price feeds. With this partnership, DIA becomes a key partner for Chaingain, providing on-chain currency rates to run its platform. DIA’s transparent feeds will enable the calculation of the collateral borrowers should deposit to cover for the borrowed amount. Additionally, DIA is also providing the currency rates that Chaingain uses in calculating potential drops in guaranteed values, situations in which the loan gets liquidated, and the lender gets repaid.

“We are eager that through the partnership with DIA, we will take Chaingain to the next level and to our goal — disrupting the DeFi paradigm. For long enough, crypto trading was linked to collateral, creating a closed loop of investors and traders. We are democratizing the DeFi paradigm by allowing people to access capital without the burden of collateral and this will take things to another level. We now live in a new paradigm of distributed services and globalization that have technology, flexibility, and diversity at core. We live in a diverse world populated by people with different needs and resources. It’s time that finances enter this paradigm and DeFi is here to re-establish the rules”.
Stephen Davies
CEO and founder at Chaingain
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