DIA integrates with Acala Network

We are excited to announce that DIA will be integrating with Acala Network, the decentralised finance hub and stablecoin platform powered by Polkadot.

DIA integrates with Acala Network

Acala is is the decentralized financial hub of Polkadot delivering a set of DeFi primitives, like a “stablecoin protocol” to enable stable value transfer across all blockchains that are connected to it, and a “trustless liquid staking protocol” to unleash liquidity and opening new possibilities for interoperable open financial applications.

Applications like Acala really demonstrate the capabilities of this ecosystem and enable a whole range of new cross-chain applications.” says Michael Weber, Founder at DIA. “It’s exciting to see teams like Acala growing and developing the Polkadot ecosystem and we are happy to be part of the journey.

Just two weeks after the recent announcement of DIA’s integration with Polkadot, this marks the first implementation of DIA oracles beyond Ethereum. DIA’s integration with Acala will make DIA’s open-source oracle suite available for the Acala ecosystem via DIA’s off chain-worker. For this implementation, the off-chain worker specifically optimised for projects building on the Acala Network.

This off-chain worker allows any parachain or actors that run a node to directly access DIA data feeds instead of having to build the logic into their own parachains. The off-chain worker is a module in the node that connects to Polkadot, pulls data from a DIA API and sends it on-chain.

“We are delighted to welcome DIA to join our Open Oracle Gateway as an oracle provider to fuel applications developed on Acala with open-source data feeds. Cross-chain capabilities across the entire DeFi ecosystem are accelerating and we are happy to see more and more projects providing this, to enable better access and cross-chain compatibility."
Bette Chen Acala Network cofounder
Bette Chen
Acala Co-Founder
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