Hello Fantom: DIA Enters the Fantom Ecosystem

We are excited to announce DIA’s integration with Fantom Opera Mainnet to make transparent and accurate oracles available to dApps in the Fantom ecosystem.

Hello Fantom: DIA Enters the Fantom Ecosystem

DIA oracle integration on Fantom

We are thrilled to announce that DIA is entering the Fantom ecosystem by making its data and oracle infrastructure available on Fantom’s layer 1 blockchain. DeFi developers on Fantom’s Opera mainnet can now leverage DIA’s broad set of data feeds, which includes 6k+ digital asset price feeds 20k+ traditional financial asset price feeds and a range of lending rates, FX rates and other data feeds.

“The Fantom team is focused on building the most developer-friendly chain in the industry. Alongside the extensive R&D we devote to the core and middleware layers of the Fantom protocol, we prioritize offering projects the toolchains and resources they need to build tomorrow’s dApps. With the range of integrations that the ecosystem offers, DIA will play an important role in supplying Fantom developers with a highly-performant oracle service that is accurate and flexible. We’re extremely happy to be working with them.”
Michael Kong Fantom CEO
Michael Kong
Fantom CEO

DApps are dependent on the ingestion of verified external data feeds to operate reliably. DIA’s data feeds cover a broad range of assets including all the top assets as well as any long-tail asset price thanks to its unique data sourcing approach.

Any source, any asset: DIA covers long-tail price feeds

To source such a broad range of data feeds, DIA’s community of developers scrape data directly from on-chain sources or CEX APIs at individual trade level. This uniquely positions DIA to leverage the broadest possible set of sources, ensuring maximum coverage of asset price data. Any data feed that is publicly accessible can be sourcedregardless of whether it is listed on exchanges and what its trading volume is.

Fantom-native data sourcing

As many Fantom projects operate their assets solely on the Fantom blockchain and are traded only on Fantom DEXs, DIA is specifically sourcing data feeds of Fantom Network native assets. To do so, DIA scrapes information directly from Fantom native markets such as SpookySwap. This critical feature enables Fantom native projects to ingest Fantom native data via a Fantom native oracle, ensuring a frictionless and efficient data infrastructure for the ecosystem.

Fantom DIA oracle integration diagram
DIA is specifically sourcing data feeds of Fantom Network native assets

Fully customizable sources and methodologies

Transparency and customizability are essential pillars for DIA. Developers can build unique price feed oracles with DIA, customizing the specific computational methodologies used as well as the data sources that make up a feed. This approach is designed to adapt to any custom needs a project might have, but also to provide users with the maximum transparency of how their data feeds are constructed, while being able to serve any asset price feed.

Thanks to Fantom’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, developers can easily port Ethereum native Apps to Fantom’s high-speed network and plug DIA oracles to fuel its smart contracts. This new integration will enable teams operating on Fantom to develop use cases such as stablecoins, stakings rewards, lending and borrowing, DEXs and many more.

“Fantom is an exciting ecosystem with a fast and efficient ledger and a growing number of dApps operating. We are very excited to contribute to its adoption by helping new dApps have access to transparent and reliable data. Developers on Fantom can now start using DIA oracles to build new use cases for any digital asset.”
Michael Weber DIA Co-Founder
Michael Weber
DIA Co-Founder

DIA has already onboarded the first dApps in the Fantom ecosystem and will announce a series of partnerships in the upcoming weeks and months. One of them is Ovre, a Fantom native NFT marketplace that DIA is now feeding with accurate and transparent oracles.

Fantom DIA oracle address


DIA oracle on Fantom explorer:

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