2022 in Review: Events

During this year, DIA expanded its presence in major conferences across the EU and US and participate in multiple IRL and virtual panels. Have a look at some of the most interesting panels and watch them back.

2022 in Review: Events

IRL Events & Conferences

Solana Breakpoint

San Francisco Blockchain Week / Polkadot Summit

  • Why Does Infrastructure Matter? DIA Business Dev Manager flew to SF to participate in panel around Web3 infrastructure with Gaeton Thabot (Head of Blockchain at Blockdaemon) and Dakota Barnett (Co-Founder of InvArch).

Berlin Blockchain Week

  • dAppcon: DIA Co-Founder and CTO Samuel Brack took part in an interesting discussion around the past, present and future of Web3’s most renowned engine: EVM. With Federico Kunze (Evmos); David Suarez (Polygon Hermez), and Joseph Schweitzer (Ethereum Foundation).
  • Borderless Berlin: DIA Co-Founder Paul Claudiusspoke on a panel around “Data Availability in Web3” alongside Massimo Luraschi from Subsquid and Regine from IOTA.
  • DeData: DIA Co-Founder Paul Claudius took part in the panel “Shaping The Next Economic Era With Web3 Technology” with Agbona Igwemoh (Kylin Network CMO) and Hoon Subin (Astar Network CTO). Watch the replay below


  • Polkadot Meetup in NYC: DIA hosted an IRL event in the heart of NYC to gather Polkadot enthusiasts together with parachains for a night of networking and a panel.

Online Events & Conferences

WASM Conference

  • Business panel discussion: In this panel, four influential speakers from a diverse group of Dotsama projects come together to discuss some of the potential use cases that WASM unlocks for both developers and entrepreneurs. We wll discover how WASM is shaping the building of Dapps, and of Web3 in general. Watch the replay below:

Ecosystem Panels

  • Building in Metis Ecosystem: DIA went live on a roundtable discussion with QiDAO and Hummus Exchange around the Metis ecosystem. 🎧Listen back here.
  • Building in the Astar Ecosystem: we went live on a Twitter space to discuss all thing building in the Astar ecosystem with Astar Degens, AstridDAO, SiO2 finance and Starfish Finance. 🎧 Listen back here.
  • Fantom Ecosystem’s Data Journey: DIA hosted a Twitter Spaces, joined by FantOHM and SpiritSwap, to explore further

Tech deep dives

  • Real World ZK — Proof of Model: DIA CTO Samuel Brack joined the O1 Labs team, developers of the Mina Protocol, to discuss the proof of model of Zk. 🎧 Listen back here.

Community Calls

  • Evmos Community Call November: DIA hopped on Evmos November community call on Twitter to shed light on the oracle products that DIA built for the Evmos community of developers. 🎧 Listen back here.

Integration AMAs

  • DIA / Astar / Shiden, Integration AMA: Shiden Co-Founder Sota Watanabe and DIA Co-Founders Paul Claudius and Samuel Brack went live on Twitter Spaces to expand around DIA’s oracle deployment in Shiden. 🎧 Watch back here.
  • DIA / Nervos, Integration AMA: Nervos Network’s core dev. Daniel Kmak and DIA’s business dev. Akash Nath went live on Twitter Spaces to expand around DIA’s recent partnership and oracle integration with Nervos Networks’ EVM-compatible layer-2 network Godwoken. 🎧 Watch back here.
  • Ola / Fuse / DIA, Integration AMA: The event covered DIA’s recent partnership and oracle integration with the layer 1 network Fuse as well as its DeFi Hub Voltage Finance, powered by Ola Finance’s lending as a service. 🎧 Watch back here.

Product Chats

  • Let’s talk DeFi, Oracle and CeFi: We hopped in a Twitter Space with The and Vaultoro to discuss all things DeFi and Oracles. 🎧 Listen back here
  • Panel on NFTs, DeFi and Oracles: DIA hosted a Twitter Spaces with Zumer Protocol and Outlier Ventures to deep dive into how oracles are powering NFTfi use cases, enabling NFT capital efficiency.
  • State of DAO Tooling: DIA hosted a Twitter spaces panel with Dework & Crew3 to discuss the current status of products, tools and platforms that enable decentralised communities to work. 🎧 Listen back here.
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