2022 in Review: Product Updates

During 2022, DIA focused efforts on expanding its product stack to respond to the growing needs of DeFi, NFTfi and GameFi. As a result, DIA built a series of data and oracle solutions designed to help developers build dApps with customizable, reliable and transparent data.

2022 in Review: Product Updates

Here is a summary of the most relevant product developments of 2022:

DIA xRandom

The first addition to the DIA oracle suite was DIA xRandom — a verifiable and distributed multi-chain randomness oracle. In close collaboration with drand (Protocol Labs), DIA xRandom provides dApps with a distributed, immutable and auditable random number via oracle smart contract.

Throughout 2022, DIA deployed xRandom in 6 different L1/L2s including Evmos, Polygon, Moonbeam and Astar. Multiple dApps are also using DIA xRandom to power various on-chain use cases.

→ Learn how the regarded NFT community Orbital Apes is using xRandom to run a decentralised raffle protocol on Evmos.

Learn more on the DIA website: On-Chain Randomness Oracle | DIA

Chain deployments

  • Fuse Network
  • Polygon (Mainnet & testnet)
  • Aurora (Mainnet & testnet)
  • Moonbeam
  • Evmos, deployed via a DAO Proposal
  • Astar Network, deployed via a DAO Proposal

DIA xFloor

This year DIA launched DIA xFloor, the transparent and customizable NFT floor price oracle. DIA xFloor is capable of determining NFT price by pulling historical sales data directly from the NFT marketplace’s smart contracts on its respective network and applying fully transparent data processing methodologies.

By directly listening to the blockchain transaction and fetching data from the origin, DIA xFloor ensures full data accuracy and transparency. Multiple dApps have already integrated DIA xFloor to power NFTfi use cases such as NFT liquidity protocols, lending & borrowing, Peer2Pool, and many more.

→ Check out our latest NFT case study to learn more.

Explore 18,000+ NFT floor price feeds in the DIA App: DIA xFloor: Customisable NFT Floor Price Oracles

DIA xStream

The third addition to the DIA product stack is DIA xStream–a custom price feed builder. xStream allows any market actor to independently build a tailor-made price feed for tokens and NFTs and request it as an oracle smart contract.

With DIA xStream, users can specify the exact data parameters including source markets, methodology parameters like time range and window size as well as oracle update triggers and frequency. This enables protocols to take control over the data layer and supply their smart contracts with an oracle that can best fulfil their specific use case’s requirements.

Test DIA xStream: Custom Oracle Feed Builder | DIA App

Price Feed Explorer

Followed by a website and brand revamp, DIA launched a new price feed explorer that allows anyone to browse and look for specific asset’s price feed as well as learn about the context of each data point.

DIA’s price feed explorer allows users to explore 3,000+ tokens, the networks they are deployed onmarkets that are scraped to create the feed, the number of trades and trading volume and more. All these matters are important to serve an exponentially growing web3 ecosystem and to make the context of each data feed as well as the feeds themselves accessible without restrictions.

Explore DIA’s library of 3,000+ asset price feeds: Asset Price Feeds | DIA App

Data Source Explorer

One of DIA’s value add as an oracle provider, is the capability to scrape granular trade data from multiple markets on multiple chains. This allows DIA to provide fully customizable price oracles. To make this process more transparent and tangible for its users, DIA deployed a user interface to browse all CEXs, DEXs and NFT marketplaces that DIA is integrated with and scrape data.

Explore 80+ markets across multiple blockchains: Data Sources | DIA App

DIA NFT Livestream

DIA deployed a new module to its platform, capable of listening in real time to NFT-specific transactions. With DIA NFT Livestream, developers can, via a web-socket API, retrieve live mint and deploy events happening on the Ethereum blockchain. This new product opens up possibilities for developers to build new applications with DIA data.

DIA NFT Livestream can:

  • Retrieve live NFT sales
  • Retrieve live NFT mints
  • Getting newly deployed NFT collections

Test DIA NFT Livestream below: NFT Data API Endpoints

NFT Sales Tracker Bot

DIA community has developed a free-to-use NFT sales tracking tool for Discord-driven communities. It’s capable of delivering sales notifications according to predetermined parameters, such as price threshold, collection address and else.

System Monitor Dashboard

As part of our transparency initiative, we launched a dashboard to see the status of the different modules of the DIA platform. We will continue to expand on this and deliver real-time status on a broader and more granular level over time.

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