The Ultimate Cross-Chain Liquid Staking Map

This community-curated Notion Board provides a comprehensive overview of the cross-chain Liquid Staking landscape to bring transparency to the fast growing market of Liquid Staking.

The Ultimate Cross-Chain Liquid Staking Map


Liquid staking has grown to a TVL of ​​≈ $15b as liquid staking protocols launch across various L1/L2s almost on a weekly basis.

As Liquid Staking is adopted on almost every PoS chain, the market has grown crowded and intransparent. This is why the DIA DAO took it upon itself to start the Ultimate Liquid Staking Map: a comprehensive Notion board created by the DIA community with the help of liquid staking token issuers and community members.

This resource maps out the entire liquid staking market, from different issuers of LSTs across all relevant ecosystems, the Liquid Staking Tokens provided as well as showing which DeFi protocols and dApps are supporting their usage.

After weeks of work on this live and open community resource, onboarding most of the top LST providers, tweaking and proof reading the content, we are finally ready to share this with you, degen. We are hopeful that it will help builders, investors, noobs, and everyone else in the space navigate this fast growing niche and are looking forward to your feedback and contributions!

What does this Liquid Staking Map Include?

The Notion board presents a comprehensive overview of Liquid Staking across 15+ different ecosystems, including:

  • List of all PoS L1/L2s that support Liquid Staking
  • Liquid Staking Protocols (issuers)
  • Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs)
  • LST integrations (Which DeFi dApps support which LSTs?)
  • Other details (APY range, contract addresses, documentation, developer resources, etc.)

As a common goods resource, the Liquid Staking map is built and maintained by the community for the community. New details, categories, updates and optimisations can be created upon request, under the review of the community members of the concerned protocols. Contributions and feedback are not only welcome but explicitly desired!

Are you a team member, community ambassador of one of the projects or just an avid web3 contributor? Take ownership of an existing page or add missing or new projects to the board to help the rest of the web3 community discover it and understand how it works and all of its benefits. All you need to do is submit this form.

About the creators: DIA DAO and friends

The DIA DAO is a community of contributors around the cross-chain oracle platform DIA. DIA is an end-to-end oracle platform that sources data from 60+ CEXs and DEXs and delivers fully customisable data feeds on 30+ L1/L2s.

This resource has been co-created by contributors from a range of LST providers. As co-creation is at the heart of web3’s and DIA DAO’s ethics, contributors are encouraged to join heads and hands together to create value for the entire space.

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