Partnership with Sperax

We are excited to start delivering DIA’s open-source oracles to enable Sperax’s own stablecoin: USDs. Additionally, DIA will provide Sperax with a unique reference-rate index as well as a specialized feeder program for the oracle.

Partnership with Sperax

Sperax mission is to build a blockchain-enabled society that is equal and inclusive. Sperax provides a hybrid stablecoin “USDs” on top of its BDLS public blockchain. A combination of crypto-collateralized stablecoins and dual token algorithmic stablecoins, USDs is a scalable, trustless and decentralized stablecoin that operates fully on-chain. USDs serve both purposes of wealth preservation and passive income generation.

We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Sperax. DIA is feeding Sperax’ dApp with open-source oracles as well as a new reference rate index. As a first part of this integration, DIA will fuel Sperax’s platform with a unique price feed oracle to enable its stablecoin USDs. The oracle will be running on the Arbitrum Layer 2 network, facilitating fast and low-cost transaction updates.

Secondly, DIA is providing Sperax with a unique reference-rate index, built by sourcing execution data from multiple sources including, Huobi and MexC. DIA delivers this data in a variably timed data feed, tailor-made for Sperax. Prices are determined by collecting trades over a period of time and calculating the average price. The length of that time window can be controlled by the oracle and allows DIA to provide a real-time dynamic price feed.

Lastly, together with Sperax, DIA developed a specialized feeder program for the oracle that allows Sperax to operate their data feed independently. Doing so, DIA facilitates Sperax to control all aspects of the oracle operation after they receive DIA price data. This approach is part of DIA’s effort to provide highly customizable and secure data feeds that abide by a standardized framework for the full suite of available large-cap and long-tail digital assets.

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