DIA Joins the League of Entropy Enhancing Randomness for Web3

DIA joins the League of Entropy alongside the Ethereum Foundation, IPFS, Gelato, Cloudflare and more to enhance the creation of verifiable, distributed randomness.

DIA Joins the League of Entropy Enhancing Randomness for Web3

The Importance of Decentralized Randomness for the Next Generation of the Internet

Random Number Generation (RNG) is essential for the development of functioning blockchain ecosystems, especially in Ethereum and other smart contract platforms. RNG is required for the functioning of on-chain lotteries, games, token distributions, or any other events that need random selection.

Generating a random number in a deterministic system like a blockchain is a complex challenge because everything that happens on the blockchain needs to be verifiable and reproducible. If a party could predict or influence the outcome of a supposedly randomly generated number, they could take advantage of it to their benefit, creating the potential for manipulation.

We are delighted by DIA’s decision to join the League of Entropy, as it’s a significant step forward in our collective mission to ensure the highest standards of security and integrity in decentralized systems. By leveraging drand via their League membership, DIA is helping to build a more robust and tamper-proof infrastructure for the Web3 ecosystem. Their commitment to enhancing the reliability and resilience of decentralized applications aligns perfectly with our vision at Randamu and the League of Entropy.
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Why DIA Decided to Join the League of Entropy

drand’s League of Entropy’s distributed randomness beacon is not singularly controlled by any of its members, there’s no single point of failure, and none of the operators can bias the randomness generated by the League. This robust foundation helps teams build dApps using a truly distributed and tamper-proof RNG solution. Member of the League of Entropy include Protocol Labs, Ethereum Foundation, Cloudflare, and many more.

At DIA, our mission centers on providing the necessary infrastructure for developers to build secure and trustworthy applications. Given these factors, it was only logical for us to support this effort by joining the League of Entropy.

Through our participation, by operating a new node for drand’s League of Entropy, we aim to strengthen the network further, enhancing its resilience and reliability. This aligns with our vision of bringing robust and reliable infrastructure to build the decentralized applications of tomorrow.

How DIA Uses drand in Its Setup for On-Chain Randomness

At DIA, we have built a multi-chain random number-generating oracle, dubbed DIA xRandom. It leverages drand’s distributed randomness beacon, enabling verifiable, unpredictable, and unbiased random numbers on-chain.

This battle-tested randomness oracle solution has been widely adopted by various dApps but also has been recognized as the go-to randomness oracle by various L1/L2 foundations such as Aleph Zero, Telos, Alephium, Astar, Evmos, or Vara, to name a few.

If you are a developer looking to integrate DIA’s randomness oracle, you can learn how to via the following video tutorials:

For more information, visit League of Entropy and drand.

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