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Decentralised, on-chain raffles
Orbital Apes
About Orbital Apes
The highly regarded Orbital Apes community, originally launched on the Evmos network, is expanding by building a decentralized raffle platform.

The goal of the platform is to let users, influencers and platforms engage with their community in a fun way, eliminating problems usually present with random giveaways.


The Rumble platform supports the creation and running of decentralized raffles with NFTs, ERC-20 tokens and Evmos tokens. The creator can set the raffles price, requirements and rules, and the platform will do the rest. Users are able to mint ERC-721 tickets for each raffle, and the winners will automatically receive their prices.


Operating the Rumble platform in a trustless manner requires an on-chain and decentralised source of random number generation on the Evmos Network. The RNG oracle is needed to pick a winning ID from the raffle tickets, and a second time to get the number of rounds until the next raffle will begin.


Funded through an Evmos DAO-driven community proposal, DIA deployed its random number generation oracle on the Evmos network. The oracle is available in the following smart contract and provides an unpredictable and verifiable randomness signature every 30 seconds. The signatures are created through a decentralised randomness beacon formed by a network of nodes (League of Entropy) to generate truly unbiased random numbers.

"We’re super excited to be working with DIA to bring on-chain randomness infrastructure to EVMOS. Their team has been very supportive in helping us launch Rumble. We already have plans to further make use of this technology on Rumble by creating new opportunities and games for our users and look forward to other teams on Evmos taking advantage of building applications utilizing DIA Oracles."

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Orbital Apes core team
Orbital Apes core team


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