2022 in Review: Partnerships

With the expansion and development of its product stack, DIA’s data and oracle technology experienced consistent growth in adoption across the DeFi, NFTfi and GameFi spheres.

2022 in Review: Partnerships

Categorized according to the use case, here is a download of these exciting partnerships entered by DIA in 2022.


Multi-chain Lending & Borrowing

  • Starlay Finance is a major lending platform in the Polkadot ecosystem. Powered by the Astar Network, Starlay Finance is a protocol for users to quickly and easily deposit and borrow assets. Starlay Finance is primed to be the biggest lending platform on Polkadot, with over $15m deposited and $10m in active loans. DIA’s collaboration with Starlay means DIA oracles are powering the first native lending protocol on the Astar Network.
  • Beamswap is a DEX with an automated market maker (AMM), providing liquidity and peer-to-peer transactions. The main features of Beamswap are token swaps, liquidity and yield farms. Beamswap is leveraging DIA’s price feed oracles to facilitate lending & borrowing operations on its DeFi hub. 
  • SiO2 Finance is the Astar-native lending hub supporting both EVM and WASM. SiO2 Finance is a decentralised lending and borrowing platform designed to serve the Astar/Polkadot community with the best user experience and transparent governance. This collaboration with SiO2 Finance allows DIA to provide the DeFi protocol on Astar with a customizable and transparent asset price oracle. Custom delivery
  • Hadouken is a decentralised DeFi platform that offers a complete set of DeFi use cases like trading, investment, lending and cross-chain bridging, optimized for capital efficiency. DIA built a dedicated price oracle tailor-made with customised parameters in order to provide the most accurate and reliable on-chain price feeds for Hadouken. Delivery request
  • OmniDex is a decentralised trading platform on the Telos network. With OmniDex, you can swap tokens at near-zero gas fees, obtain credit through over-collateralised loans and earn interest by providing liquidity. OmniDex has a total market cap of over $120,000 and $1million in TVL. To enable the smooth and clear-cut operation of AMM’s lending features on OmniDex, DIA supplies OmniDex with an accurate, reliable and transparent price feed oracle for digital assets. Custom delivery
  • Wanlend is a lending and borrowing protocol that forks the Compound protocol. It leverages the fast proof-of-stake (POS) blockchain technology and the crosschain capability of Wanchain to build a novel crosschain-enabled money platform. DIA now provides the protocol with a fully transparent price oracle on Wanchain. Custom delivery
  • Dot.Finance is a DeFi yield aggregator, with a TVL of about $400,000, designed to bring DeFi and the Polkadot ecosystem to a wide range of users. By integrating DIA’s oracle infrastructure, Dot.Finance can now build many new DeFi products and services on top of Polkadot’s safe, secure, and resilient architecture.

Stablecoin platforms

  • AstridDAO is a decentralized money market and stablecoin platform on Astar Network. With $2.13m issued in stablecoins and $5.61m total value locked in vaults, stability pools and staking pools, AstridDAO will play a crucial role in the development of the Astar ecosystem. DIA now delivers transparent and tailor-made price feed oracles to accurately enable AstridDAO’s operations on the Astar Network. Custom delivery
  • Tomb Finance is a cross-chain algorithmic stablecoin protocol built on Tomb Chain. Boasting over $2billion in total trade volume and $20million in TVL, Tomb Chain is an eco-friendly Layer 2 protocol built on top of one of the fastest Layer 1 blockchains — Fantom. Unlike the more common fiat or commodity-backed stablecoins, $TOMB is not pegged to a stablecoin; it is instead pegged to $FTM. DIA directly crowd-sources price data at a granular level from multiple DEXs to build the custom price feeds for Tomb Finance. Custom delivery.
  • Mimo is a decentralized protocol that issues a stablecoin called the Parallel token ($PAR) on the Ethereum, Polygon and Fantom blockchains. The $PAR stablecoin is decentralized, non-custodial, and collateral-backed. DIA’s collaboration with Mimo Capital provides the protocol with a fully transparent price oracle in multiple chains to calculate the price of the Mimo Protocol’s governance token $MIMO as well as its Euro-pegged stablecoin $PAR. Custom delivery

Decentralised Exchanges

  • AuroraSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Aurora Chain. Aurora offers products that facilitate DeFi use cases such as automated liquidity pools, token swaps and yield farming. DIA is providing AuroraSwap with transparent market price data to power the lending protocol and enable a smooth and resilient operation. 
  • Takepile is a decentralized perpetual exchange offering real yield staking opportunities and guaranteed position solvency through its novel pile liquidity system. Takepile requires access to accurate and trustworthy on-chain price feeds for its collateral asset pairs. DIA’s trusted oracle services were integrated into Takepile Protocol to help launch its perpetual exchange services. Delivery request
  • Hummus Exchange is a single-side decentralized exchange designed for exchanging stablecoins ($USDT, $USDC, $DAI) on the Metis blockchain. Later in the year, an update was requested to add accurate and transparent on-chain price feeds for $MAI. Hummus features single-token provision, eliminating impermanent loss risk for liquidity providers, and ultra-low slippage for traders. DIA’s asset price feeds are being leveraged by Hummus Exchange, which will power the smooth operations of the AMM. Custom delivery


  • Dopex is a decentralized options protocol which aims to maximize liquidity, minimize losses for option writers and maximize gains for option buyers — all in a passive manner for liquidity-contributing participants. DIA provides open-source oracles to Dopex to enable the launch of a single staking option vault. Custom delivery
  • FantOHM is a multi-chain decentralized reserve and revenue Protocol with the mission of overcoming ever-increasing inflation and the limitations of traditional finance while generating a continuous stream of income for its investors. DIA built a unique and custom price feed oracle for FantOHM to start delivering transparent market price data on-chain to power the protocol’s operations. Custom delivery
  • Epics is a decentralized crowdsourcing platform, built on the Solana network, for incentivizing open-source software development. Epics has built a platform on top of Solana that utilises GitHub pull requests as a method to track the progress of projects and fund developers. To run the protocol in a trustless and transparent manner, Epics requires real-time data about the state changes of pull requests, delivered on-chain. DIA now provides the decentralised development platform with an off-chain/on-chain automation solution via a smart contract oracle. 


  • Zumer Protocol is a non-custodial NFT liquidity protocol, built by Sumeria Labs on Ethereum, with a novel credit and liquidity risk management mechanism to allow permissionless loan origination and BNPL for all kinds of NFT assets by segregating different risks to different liquidity providers. The estimated NFT price on the protocol is over 100 Ether. Zumer Protocol successfully integrated DIA’s NFT Floor Price oracle services into its testnet environment and requested an update later in the year to expand the number of assets supported in the Zumer platform. Custom delivery
  • Starfish Finance is a protocol based on Balancer V2 with multi-token stable and weighted swap, cross-chain aggregation for crypto assets and NFTs. With a TVL of almost $100,00, Starfish is trying to build the DeFi and NFTfi headquarters on Astar Network in the Polkadot ecosystem. It aims to unleash liquidity potentials in NFTs on multiple prominent ecosystems in the near future. DIA deployed its xFloor and xPrice products, providing floor price feeds for a variety of NFT collections and supplying Starfish with dedicated open-source cryptocurrency asset price feeds respectively. 
  • NFTY Finance is a cross-chain Web3 authentication layer used for subscription service, loyalty incentives and access management. NFTY’s mission is to develop bridges between the NFT and MetaVerse communities so that they may accomplish more and provide verifiable ownership for digital assets. With this new partnership, DIA delivers price oracles for the $NFTY token, to power the NFTY Platform on Ethereum and the BNB chain. Custom delivery
  • Rikkei Finance is a multichain decentralized protocol for lending and borrowing protocol and NFT marketplace. RiFi, as the protocol is commonly called, facilitates NFTfi use cases by allowing NFT rentals and NFT-based lending and borrowing. DIA’s end-to-end oracle infrastructure helped ensure the safe and smooth launch of Rikkei Finance. Custom delivery


  • Orbital ApesRumble is the newest project from the creators of the Orbital Apes NFTs. The Rumble platform supports the creation and running of decentralized raffles with NFTs, ERC-20 tokens and Evmos tokens. DIA’s public randomness oracle power applications on the Evmos network that are in need of random numbers, starting with the Rumble platform. The collaboration with Orbital Ape’s Rumble will provide the platform with a distributed and verifiable random number generation oracle on the Evmos network.
  • Arka Finance is a GameFi protocol built on top of Polygon, aligning economic interests between devs, creators, and players for the creation of a sustainable long-term distributed DeFi ecosystem and creator economy. DIA partnered with Arka to support the GameFi protocol with transparent and reliable oracle services on Polygon. Custom delivery
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