Introducing The Ultimate Web3 Infra Map

We are excited to unveil “The Ultimate Web3 Infra Map,” a comprehensive resource that delves into the dynamic world of Web3 infrastructure. This map is designed to highlight the most pivotal projects and categories driving the development of decentralized applications.

Introducing The Ultimate Web3 Infra Map

Web3 infrastructure providers are essential for the functioning of decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain networks. They serve as intermediaries, enabling secure communication, managing user accounts, and providing access to blockchain data. By processing and signing transactions on behalf of users, these providers ensure that dApps operate smoothly and efficiently.

What is The Ultimate Web3 Infra Map?

The Ultimate Web3 Infra Map showcases over 75 key infrastructure providers in the Web3 ecosystem. This resource aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the diverse categories and projects that are foundational to the operation and growth of decentralized technologies. From data storage solutions to identity management and beyond, this map is your guide to the essential components of Web3 infrastructure.

ultimate web3 infra map
Map of the various categories and projects within the Web3 infrastructure realm

How We Categorized the Projects

The projects in our map are organized into various categories to give a clear picture of their roles and functionalities within the Web3 ecosystem. Here are the key categories:

Data Storage

Projects like Filecoin and Arweave are revolutionizing how data is stored and accessed on decentralized networks, ensuring permanence and security.

Identity and KYC

Platforms such as Fractal ID and Polygon ID provide robust solutions for identity verification and management, crucial for compliance and user security in Web3.

Bridging and Interoperability

Projects like LayerZero and Celer enable seamless interaction between different blockchain networks, promoting interoperability and enhancing the overall user experience.

Node Providers

Providers such as Infura and QuickNode offer reliable infrastructure services that support the development and deployment of decentralized applications by managing blockchain nodes.


Key players like DIA, Chainlink, and Pyth Network deliver critical data feeds that ensure smart contracts have access to reliable and real-time information.

Wallet & Account Abstraction

Projects like Safe, Zerion, and Privy simplify user interactions with blockchain applications by offering secure and user-friendly wallet solutions.

Data Availability

Projects like EigenDA and NearDA ensure data required for blockchain operations is accessible and reliable, enhancing overall network performance.


Platforms like The Graph and Goldsky facilitate efficient querying and retrieval of blockchain data, providing critical infrastructure for decentralized applications.

Block Explorers

Tools such as Etherscan and Blockscout offer detailed views and analyses of blockchain transactions and network activities, essential for transparency and user engagement.


Projects like Espresso and Astria organize and process transactions efficiently, optimizing blockchain performance and scalability.

Payment Providers

Solutions like MoonPay and Ramp Network enable secure and efficient payment processing within the blockchain ecosystem, bridging the gap between fiat and crypto.

DAO Tooling

Platforms such as Snapshot and Tally provide essential tools and frameworks for the governance and operation of decentralized autonomous organizations.

Social & Community

Projects like Galxe and Layer3 support social interactions and community engagement within the Web3 ecosystem, fostering collaboration and innovation.

These categories highlight the diverse and essential roles that various projects play in building and sustaining the Web3 infrastructure. Explore the full map to see how these projects contribute to the evolving landscape of decentralized technology.

Useful Content and Resources

In addition to the map, we’ve curated a selection of valuable resources, including tools, guides, and relevant content to support your journey in the Web3 space.

Explore the map and discover the projects that are driving the future of decentralized infrastructure.

Web3 Infra Map FAQ

What is the Web3 Infra Map?

This Ultimate Web3 Infra Map is a resource that aims to portray the width and importance of infrastructure providers for Web3.

Can I submit my infra project to the map?

Yes, you can submit a project to be added to the map by sending us a message via Telegram. Note that only relevant projects will be added to the map.

I want to edit a project page, how can I do that?
Sure, you can reach out to us here. Let us know what edits would you like to implement and we will make sure the changes are reflected in due time.
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